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I recently have been diagnosed with hepatitus C with a viral load of 273,000 and grade II with zero stage whats your recomendations as far as treatment is concerned
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I recommend that you read as much about hep c and treatment as you can. There is a very detailed UK site called hepctrust.org.uk. Read through the threads on this forum, there is a lot of information. Then you will have to decide if and when you want to treat. Just to let you know, the only way to get rid of the virus is through conventional treatment of PegInterferon and Ribavirin. There are all sorts of alternative treatments claiming they can cure Hep C, but that is incorrect. They prey on ppl who are new to the illness and pump their money. There are alternative treatments which can help strengthen the liver and halt fibrosis, but none of them is a cure. Most of them should not be taken while on conventional treatment, as they interact and interfere with the drugs.

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I forgot to ask what your genotype is.

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