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Hepatitis A Positive

What a day for me..Im so dissapointed to my positive result and i dont know where i will start my life..

Today i got my result for Hepatitis A Positive..

Doctor told me that theres no specific medicine for my sickness and only bedrest for 2 weeks and the hepa virus will gone away..

my question only im a hepatitis positive today and i will be positive for hepa for life?
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Hepatitis A (HAV), unlike Hep B and Hep C has no chronic phase, only an acute phase. Rest, drink plenty of fluids and follow your doctor's advice. You will develop protective antibodies as a result so you will not become infected again in the future.

Good luck,

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Thank you Mr Bill..

I have lots of plan to my life like i will go to canada...In the future i will have my medical going to canada..if im a hepatitis a positive theres chance to become hepatitis a negative?

Please give me some direction to my life im so lost rigth now...No one to talk im a shame to my situation..

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I'm unfamiliar with immigration policy. You will develop HAV antibodies as a result of this infection that will persist for years, if not for life. However, the active viral infection will not continue beyond 6 months. Speak to your doctor about your concerns-

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Thank you bill i will check to my Dr..

As far i know if you go for medical and if you antibodies is reactive you will be deny to work in abroad..im belong to 3rd world country so theres a lot of discrimination in our side..

Thank you
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Mr Bill How Are you...

I got my Total Bilirubin 0.9mg/dl (0.2-1.0) mg/dl

My dr said maybe i got a false positive for my hepatitis test due that i got a normal result..

Any advise in this matter...
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SGPT (ALT) 86 U/L  (M17-40) UL
                                  F(14_36) U/L
  AST (SGOT)    41 U/L  M(21-42) U/L
                                       F (9-52) U/L

What does this mean?

Thank you bill
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Bilirubin is within reference range and SGPT (ALT) is only slightly elevated; these values are usually considerably higher for patients with acute infection. Ask your doctor to review your HAV serology; he may have misinterpreted previous infection. Good luck,

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Mr Bill its mean that my test is not false positive... Im contagious rigth now im leaving with my family any advise from you

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Mr Bill

Theres any advise from you...Im leaving with my families Im scared that i will pass the virus with them...In my situation i can pass the virus to my family?
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