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Hepatitis and Mononucleosis

In 1966, while at Camp Pendleton Marine base, I became very sick with a sore throat, fever, chills etc. I went to the base doctor and was advised I had tonsillitis and they were too swollen to operate. I was sent to the barracks to rest. I was worse the next day and went back to the clinic. I was advised again that the doctor could not opoerate and that I should return to the barracks.  That night I did not think I would survive. The next morning I managed to get to the doctor and told him I was not leaving. He then had me lie on a table and called an ambulance. I had never had tonsillitis . I had very advanced Mono with a very enlarged spine and spent weeks in the hospital.  Over the years, I have had elevated liver labs and have a hardened area in my liver.  Recently, I was told I had cirrhosis of the liver, hypertension in my liver and varies, and I have had Hepatitis A at some time even though I have never been diagnosed with that.   I believe I had Hepatitis A while in the hospital with Mono or shortly after and I believe all my liver issues are a result of the Mono which was more serious due to the delay in it being diagnosed by the doctor who insisted for three days I just had tonsillitis.   My question is.....is it possible I am correct and could I have had Hep A and it was masked by the Mono and the Navy doctors never found it while I was hospitalized with Mono.   Any advice , opinions appreciated.  
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This was in 1966?  Why is this coming up now if I may ask? I am not exactly sure what you are asking.  It's a contagious illness but it does NOT turn into a chronic illness like other hepatitis infections. Also, most people do recover without any intervention with the usual things like rest, hydration, otc products. https://www.hepatitis.va.gov/pdf/HAV-fact-sheet.pdf
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