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High ammonia

Hi, my spouse was diagnosed back in '87 with Hep C, we've taken all the trials about 5 I believe of the interferon.  We're going for liver transplant eval @ UAB in June, this is second eval.  My question is for those taking care of someone who is experiencing the confusion and agitation w/ high amm levels on how to give meds, oral lactulose etc., to help get the level down?  I reached a point today when I was doing the airplane to get him to open his mouth!  Didn't work though.  Just wondering how some of you are coping with this?  Thanks for feed back
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Get a 10cc syringe from your docs office and squirt it in his cheek a little at a time. Does he spit it out? If he does some will get in, maybe not the whole dose but it is better than nothing.  Never squirt it down his throat when he is refusing, could aspirate.
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