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Obstructive Jaundice?

I'm 22 years male. 2 weeks ago my Billirubin level was 10.47 alongwith SGPT 2570 & SGOT 1740.
Now Billirubin is 5.21 with SGPT 110.
However, some symptoms of the disease like loss of appetite and yellow colouration in urine still remain.
Could this be a case of obstructive jaundice?
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Thanks a lot Ma'm. I did not have the virus profiling done but I think it must be Hep A or E, since now after 4 weeks, the Billirubin is at 2.75 with SGPT 77. So I think it's pretty much on the recovery route. For how much more time do you reckon that care must be taken. Moreover, I've heard that Jaundice has a tendency to return back & in much severe manner. Is it true?  
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Hi there,
Obstructive jaundice is caused by an obstruction in the bile flow. In obstructive jaundice the stools are pale or clay-coloured; there is bilirubin in urine with little or no urobilinogen. There are high blood levels of conjugated bilirubin and very high alkaline phosphatase .The transaminases are normal. Your values show a decreasing trend. Did you get the hepatitis profile done to know what virus is causing the hepatitis? Discuss your concerns with your treating doctor. A complete evaluation is important for determining the exact cause. Write to me again on how you are doing.
Best wishes and regards!
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