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Pegasus and Ribovarin Therapy

I am about to start Pegasus and Ribovarin Therapy for the second time.  My doctor said that I may not have been on this Pegasus and Ribovarin Therapy long enough the first time.  I did it for 11 months.  would be interested to here opinions of what myi chances are of the treatment being sucessful this time around.  I was really suprised that it come back.  The first time I did the treatment I became anemic and looked like a ghoast until I was able to start procrit.  I lost hair got very thin, lost hair  and at times became somewhat aggitated.  I am hoping to be able go throught the treatment without telling anyone that I am doing it agai.  I work in a medical office and am not going to tell the doctor that I work for that I am infected or going through the treatment.  I am hoping for advice from this community to pull off loking healther that I am.  
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What's the big secret? You work in a medical office. If they don't understand that a disease needs to be treated, who will??? Where is all this shame coming from? Maybe you should think about dealing with your issues around HCV or your looks first before starting tx. Psst...a tip. Better not to wear a bathing suit to work on casual Fridays. It might become real obvious that you are being treated.

I would be more worried about having a disease that can lead to liver failure and death then looking good for work for a year. If you are serious about you’re number one priority being "to look good for WORK"? Do you work with JLo, Mariah Carey, and Gwyneth Paltrow or something? If so, then why treat again? You probably have decades of looking good and partying with your work friends until your cirrhosis begins to decompensate. By then you'll have used up your 9 lives...Not to worry though. You'll have the best stories to tell the transplant center nurses! I don't want to shock you by explaining want happens to your body at that point. Best to stay in your world of movie queens, music videos, GQ.  By then maybe you’ll have grown up enough to realize life is more than about looking good.

If you are truly seeking advice it would be helpful if you stated some basic history about your HCV status, previous tx experience etc. for others to base their opinions upon.

Who needs a shot of Peg to feel aggravated?
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It is being labeled........I was just diagnosed with Hep C and work now in sales due to Katrina, but I am afraid to tell my job, not because I need to look good but ashamed because of being labeled..........when people mention Hep C it is like I don't want to touch you, they stand at a distance, I work in makeup and I know I will not be able to tell anyone even though I have been told I have probably had Hep C for years...which I seem to have caught it from a blood transfusion from surgery...so we seem.........I don't know what to tell my job, afraid that they might let me go due to the stigma that people have about Hep C...so my mouth will remain shut and I have no idea what I will be going through except for the stories that I have read online...My prayers go out to all that have Hep C and I had no idea how many of us were out there....but I am glad to have you to read and follow through with......when I start my shots and medication I hope you are there for me............"lead the way and i will follow, follow me and i will lead you away"meme1952
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I think you are entitled to whatever level of privacy you want.

I don't think anyone has the right to decide for you or be a critic as it relates
to who you tell or how you handle your personal situation.

Everyone has different issues and different reasons for what they do and feel.
You don't have to broadcast you personal health issues to anyone. There are lots of people who never talk about their health concerns.

I really don't know what to tell you because I have not gone past two weeks on treatment
before I was stopped, but if I did I would not hesitiate to share the info with you.

You know what your first experience was like better than any of us and I thinks it's within you rights to decide who you want to know about it this time around.

I will pray that you have a good run this time and you will be able to keep it under wraps if that is you desire.

I can understand perfectly that you may not want to tell people your first treatment did not produce SVR.

I don't think your desire for privacy has anything to do with being vain because not everyone wants to share their personal issues with th world and that is certainly you right.

I am sure their are many people who get treatment and tell only those they feel it is necessary to share the info with.

I'll be praying that you can get through treatment with whatever level of privacy you want.

God Bless You


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Sorry if I was rude...I apologize. I don't want to add to your stress. This illness is no picnic. Again, I'm sorry.

You don't have to tell anyone at work anything about your health, period!!! Read about employee rights and medical issues. Do cancer patient come to work one day and say "hey boss I got cancer". No way! No one can make you say anything about your health. Your health is your business. It is your legal right to say nothing. It is the law. You think I tell my co-workers I have cirrhosis of the liver and am failing to clear the virus right now? And maybe I'll need to have a liver transplant sometime in the future? No way!!!  I may be ill but I'm not crazy!!! The love of my life left me when I told her about my illness six months ago. She just couldn't handle it. If I couldn't trust her to support me though the tough times I certainly don't trust people at work.

If someone is stupid enough to ask you what is wrong with your health be smart enough to have some vague answer about a chronic sinus infection. Or you can tell them straight out, "Sorry but that is a private, personal issue for me." Maybe they'll get the message. Have you ever asked someone you thought had a serious illness what was wrong with them? Right. Most people don't.

I've been paying my taxes and health insurance premiums for 30 years plus. Now that I need some assistance I want my fair share of the resources I've been paying into and not using for decades. In 2003 I paid over $100,000 in taxes. I don't deserve to be helped when I need it??? Please!

If the tx is affecting your ability to work your doctor can write a generic note explaining why you may have to be away from work for treatment if you need too. It's part of the Family Leave and Disabilities Act. IT'S THE LAW! If you really think they might fire you at some point because your missing work due to side effects for example, Have your doctor put you on disability. You pay your taxes don't you? You've been paying for benefits for years. If you need it, that's what it is for. Your job is secure for a certain amount of time (90 day?) AND they cannot touch your health insurance coverage (for at least a year). This tx can costs a lot of over time.

Think about it. How many people have cancer, heart disease or other chronic conditions that they have to be treated for. Or have babies. Bringing new life into this world. This is part of doing business. A company can't hire only healthy, never ill people. In time all of us because ill. It's the human condition. We are not robots or machines. And even they breakdown.

Yes, there are a lot of ignorant people in the world. That's THEIR problem. NOT yours. I'm not saying it doesn't hurt. It does. Hurts like hell. But there is something wrong with them, not you. Ever look at the news? My god it's sad. Do we ever learn from our past mistakes? I've been around long enough to know that human beings do some horrible things to one another. Some people not only label people but kill people because of "labels" race, religion, sexual orientation, gender, nationality, etc. Remember the things some of our so-called American leaders said about people infected with HIV/AIDS. "It's god's punishment". Talk about cruel, hateful, and sick!!! Lucky for us most of the American people don't even know what Hep C is.

We don't want to be like them. This illness can make you humble and give you a real perspective on what matters in life. In that way it can be a positive thing you can bring to other parts of your life. Having this disease you find out who in your life really cares about you and who doesn't. Don't worry about the people that don't care about you. Focus your energy on people who are caring and supportive. I think you will find some very caring and knowledgeable people here. Keep posting. Share with people here what you can't share at work. Alway treat yourself with love and dignity. Even if other don't

Best of luck with your treatment! Confide in your friends or join a Hep C group. Keep posting. You are not alone.
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I am genotype 1 and just finished 72 weeks of treatment. The people on the forum will be happy to help you with your questions, but if you want us to be able to say anything about your chances with a second treatment, you have to give us more information.

What genotype are you? Have you had a biopsy done?

What was your baseline viral load before treatment? What was your viral load at week 4 and week 12 of treatment? When did you become undetectable? What doses of Pegasys and ribavirin were you on? Any dose reductions? You might want to state your weight, so we can see if you were on weight based dosing.

Take care!

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Thank all of you for your input.  I will see the doctor again at the end of this month.  As for my genotype I will have to ask about it.  I did have a biopsy done the before the first treatment and I don't believe that I will be having it done again before this treatment.  My viral load during treatment last time went to undetectable.  
I lost my job when I went through treatment because I lost my temper with a patient.  I was working in home care at the time.  I think that I held up mood wise but I was doing some crazy things at times I am told.  I developped hyper fatigue which means that I did not physically get tired or sleep more than an hour and a half at night so I was sleep deprived.  
I have to run now.  Later today or tomorrow I will try to explain my concern about work.  
zazza, when I see the doctor at the end of the month I will get the more details and let you know.  Your questions lead me to believe that you are very knowledgeable.
I really appreciate advice from all of you.  I also, hope I will be welcome to come to this forum when I have more questions.

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