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Ribavirin Rash

Hi All,
My treatment is in month 4 and the rash from the Ribavirin is giving me a run for my money. The itching and bumps have really started popping up all over. The Dr. has been very vague on what, if anything I can do. This is as bad or worse than poison ivy ever was. Has anyone had to deal with this side effect and are there any solutions.

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Hello! I see you have been introduced to the Riba rash boogie...Here's what's helped me so far (I was blessed with a horrific breakout in week #2 and have fought with it since!) First of all, when you shower, use Aveeno afterbath body oil...Just shake the bottle, and apply, letting it soak in for a couple minutes, and then rinse off the excess with warm (not hot) water...pat yourself dry...the colloidal oatmeal bath additive works for extremes...At night take an antihistamine like benedryl or chlorophinerimine...during the day use loratidine (claritin)...I didn't have any success with cortisone creams at all...Keep a good moisterizer handy...Drink loads of water (minimum 3 quarts a day)...Use the eraser end of a pencil to  get to that maddening itch between the shoulder blades...If you find your eyes getting really gritty and dry, use Systane eye drops...And magic mouthwash is available by prescription if you get it in your mouth...Hang in there! This stuff REALLY helped me! i hope it does the same for you too..((((((((((((((((HUGZ))))))))))))))))))))))            ~Melinda
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A lot of us got itchy -- beyond belief....

I used these items --- in a variety of ways ---- so take what you will from this list --- and just try it out.

Gold bond - the green with red can
Oatmeal baths --- you can dump a half cannister in and just soak in it... I don't know why it helps -- but it does. They make some at the store already made in packets --- use 2 or 3 the normal amount.
Mayonnaise. Slather --- smear.. LOL -- just don't eat...
Aloe Vera --- sometimes it worked - sometimes it was like nada.
Olive Oil --- After every bath or shower - put it on.
Body Shop - Coconut cream body butter
Any kind of creams or lotions you can tolerate.

DRINK A LOT OF WATER - stay hydrated.

I don't know about the bumps --- but sometimes these things will help.

Others have gone to dermatologists - and gotten creams.

Much luck.

Oh --- and some have taken benedryl. I don't know how that plays ---- so check your doctor before taking anything ---- OK?


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This part of the adventure is all new to me. Is this ribia rash thing pretty common or did I just get another suprize. I am really enjoying the hair falling out thing. The upset stomach 24/7 is also a treat. The bumps seem to be more and more. First one here or there. Now patchs pretty much everywhere. Itch like crazy. I work outside so staying out of the sun is pretty much impossible. I have 8 months to go, I hope I get some sort of a handle on this before it gets to hot here in Ca.


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Try the oral Benadryl. I had terrible all-over  rash last year-tried every skin cream imaginable to no avail. I had to stop tx for a couple of months and resume with Infergen monotherapy because they assumed it was the Riba causing it, but it turned out to be a reaction to the Infergen.  The rash returned 9 weeks later, but I got a handle on it this time with the Benadryl and just plain Vaseline skin cream.
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When my rash became heavy duty the only thing which rescued me was Elocon cream (or ointment).

Look it up here:

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I also have had problems with blistering rashes, I use benadryl cream and Eucerin calming cream, these 2 in combination really seem to help, I also take baths with dead sea salts and use dead sea mud soap from Israel
Good luck
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