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Whats Normal

Just got back results from ultrsound.
Can anyone tell me what size is the spleen suposed to be? Does slight splenomegaly mean slight inflamation of the spleen?
Does it vary in size with everyone?
Also what is the common size if the hepatic duct?
Liver normal size and echogenicity thats a yaeh!! I'm guessin'
And  appropriate hepatopetal flow is present in the main portal vein again thats gotta be good even thouhg i have  bridgeing fibrous and portal hypertension.
Results are mailed to me and deciphering results I can alwaye use help and this forum has the most knowledge and best information out there.
You all rock...Thanks
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I have agree with dranurag. your posts are great more informative than any book I have.
I love you too!!!
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you are so well read.Love you!
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It appears to me the the CT results are indicating a mild case of portal hypertension.
Slight increase in size of spleen. Your portal vein flow is still good even though your blood is also backing up in the spleen and varices.
Summary: Your portal hypertention is not very advanced.

*Cirrhosis (scar tissue in the liver) causes portal hypertension (high pressure in the portal vein)
*Portal hypertension cause the spleen to enlarge
*An enlarged spleen traps platelets. (The platelet count begins to DROP)
*A low platelet count causes blood to not clot properly. (Blood takes longer to clot.)
*(As the platelet count drops, The Prothrombin Time begins to RISE)
*A high Prothrombin Time causes a high INR


The spleen normally acts as a filter to remove older red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets (small particles that are important for the clotting of blood.). The blood that drains from the spleen joins the blood in the portal vein from the intestines. As the pressure in the portal vein rises in cirrhosis, it increasingly blocks the flow of blood from the spleen. The blood “backs-up” and accumulates in the spleen, and the spleen swells in size, a condition referred to as splenomegaly. Sometimes, the spleen is so swollen that it causes abdominal pain.

As the spleen enlarges, it filters out more and more of the blood cells and platelets until their numbers in the blood are reduced. Hypersplenism is the term used to describe this condition, and it is associated with a low red blood cell count (anemia), low white blood cell count (leucopenia), and/or a low platelet count (thrombocytopenia). The anemia can cause weakness, the leucopenia can lead to infections, and the thrombocytopenia can impair the clotting of blood and result in prolonged bleeding.

FYI: Echogenicity = returns a signal in ultrasound examinations.


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If you art a known cirrhotic then enlarged speen is due to portal hypertension and not inflammation.Normal size of spleen is a range which differs with body size but if it has enlarged from the previous ultrasound or is clinically palpable then it is significant
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