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answer please experts

I am female. I had unprotected sex one time with a man that lasted 1-2 minutes max and he did not ejaculate. Is it possible I could have got HCV if he in fact had it?
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very unlikely... its a blood borne pathogen..  
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since there was no visible blood or sores so i should not worry??
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Not likely, HCV is usually contracted from blood to blood contact and not considered a STD.  Not to say it can't be transmitted sexually, but the incidence of this happening is very very low.  HBV can be and is commonly transmitted sexually.  If you have lingering concerns, get tested.
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No, I would not worry about the HCV, I would worry more about STD's.
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If it was 3 mins maybe, just kidding. like the others said you have nothing to worry about. think of this as a wake up call and use a condem next time.
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OMG, that was a HOOT!!!  Thanks for laugh
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probably another troll!
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now that's 60 seconds that was really worth it...........(rolleyes).
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you know joking about this matter that i know very little about is really uncalled for and very rude, we are all human
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Hep C is not considered a Std and is only rarely transmitted through sexual activity.

Hep B and Hiv are much more likely to be transmitted through sex.

May I ask how long ago this happened?  

I have a feeling you are neg for hep c but if you are worried, get tested.  
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Maybe no troll, after all. :-) I'm a poet, and I don't know it. I know that's lame, but I'm in a pretty lame mood today.

julez... If you are afraid, get yourself tested. It would be more likely you got STD, Hep B or HIV, than Hep C.


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I read all of your other posts.  They are all questions about catching HIV or HCV.  I see that going all the way back to February you posted:

"i had sex with 2 men i am female unprotected. no ejaculation. later i found out one of them was into all kinds of drugs. i tested 27.5 weeks from last exposure NEG. 28.5 wk NEG from the particular exposure i was worried about. I am out about 34 wks post incident now. should i retest? i cant take the anxiety anymore i need to know i am 100 percent ok. please help with reassurance anyone."

Can anyone blame me for thinking you area troll?  If you are real, why didn't you learn anything from your last experience?
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