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high bilirubin and cholestrol

Hi. I am a 36 year old woman and recently I had a blood test and my chemistry shows that my cholestrol is 229 which is described as borderline high and what concerns me more than that is the level of my total bilirubin which is 2.0 while it should be whithin the range of (0.1-1.2) and also my biirubin Direct which should be up to 0.4 is 0.5. It is worth mentioning that the other factors have been negative however Blood has been Positive(1+) in my Urinanalysis. I would be glad to get your advice. thanks.
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There are chances that you are having fatty liver disease. Obesity, alcohol intake, diabetes are risk factors for fatty liver. High cholesterol and serum bilirubin can be related to fatty lever and its causes. Blood 1 plus in urine can be suggestive of urinary tract infection or kidney stones. You may need additional tests like urine culture and ultrasound abdomen to diagnose it. Maintaining healthy body weight, eliminating trans fat, eating high-fiber plant-based foods and limiting your intake of animal protein high in saturated fat, avoiding alcohol, eating whole grains and exercising regularly can help to reverse fatty liver disease. Do get the diagnosis confirmed after clinical examination. Hope it helps.
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