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is vomiting and feeling nauseous all day everyday normal?

After vomiting for a few days I went to my GP for a check up he gives me a pregnancy test which comes back negative then gives me a blood test and after a few days I go back and he tells me I have tested positive for HepA. He explains everything to me and after hearing their is no magic pill to make it all go away I go home and rest up. For the past 3 weeks I have been vomiting and feeling nauseous. Can't seem to keep anything down and it has really taken a toll. I am waiting to go back to check my next blood tests and hopefully this all settles down a bit. My eyes aren't orange nor is my skin but my urine is. Also we have kids is their anyway they can catch it. I have been really careful about keeping everything clean. Sorry about such a long message and am grateful for any help. Thanks.
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I never had hep A, but have considerable experience with nausea and vomiting,  While on treatment for hep c these symptoms were almost continuous.  Ondansetron 8mg ODT (orally disolving tablets) worked well and gaviscon, that I learned would stop my retching immediately.  One morning I was standing at the counter trying to figure out how I was going to get down 20 grams of fat so I could take my pills and began to retch.  I'm not sure why I even tried the gaviscon, which is an antacid, but it stopped the retching immediately.  The good part about hep A is that it usually does go away.  I wish you luck and will pray for you.
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Thankyou very much for your suggestion I will try this asap.  
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