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please help me!

I m extremely anxious about a mistake i made and please let me know if i ll catch any std from what happened...
I m 22 yrs old.. i ve been vaccinated as a child for Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B.
Some hours ago i was wandering on a beach and met a woman in her late fourties. After talking for sometime with her one thing led to another...these are the things i did....i inserted my fingers(right hand) in her vagina and fingered her for around 45 seconds to one minute...(before fingering her i spit on my right hand and asked her to do the same,after which i proceeded to finger her...After that i also licked her boobs,i tried to avoid the nipples but may have accidently licked it..i was rough but dint see any bleeding on her breasts or nipples...After this she gave me a handjob for two minutes( I DID NOT EJACULATE)....after this i massaged her nipples with my hands (both hands) with our faces touching(WE DID NOT KISS)...i also was brushing my penis (in my underwear) against her vagina for around four to five minutes.
Sorry for the graphical explanation.
ALSO i remembered i also had sex with my penis and the gap between her breasts for two minutes maximum...i hope you get what i mean...
I HAPPEN TO HAVE QUITE A FEW CUTS ON MY HANDS(not big...the cuts are on the side of the nails as i have the habit of chewing my fingers) AND MY LIPS ARE BROKEN TOO(minor small breaks)...And yes i did kiss her on the cheeks once and she did the same to me while saying goodbye.
i ve described everything...I DID NOT PENETRATE HER AT ALL...Also while undressing her i saw there was one sore she had on her back and i  might have touched it...also she had tattoos( looked done years ago) and i might have licked them..i m not sure...
I have no idea of her sexual history at all....i m very anxious...what are my chances of catching
1. HIV ( important)
2. HEPATITIS C (important)
6. HPV

please answer me approproriately and help me! i m very regretful of what i did!!
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1) Very unlikely
2) Very Unlikely
3) Very unlikely
4) Not a all
5) Very rare for this episode
6) Unknown  
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