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what is hepatitis?

well i really do not kno what is hepatitis i was looking 4 healt info un all of a sudden i end up der.my teach told me if somebody with a.i.d.s rub their penis on ur belly u getting a.i.d.s i want 2 kno if that is true?i donont believe dat so dat is y i'm asking.is it true?
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Is the question about hepatitis C, or about AIDS? This is a forum for hepatitis C, which is not typically transmitted sexually.

Can you ask a parent, teacher, or adult you trust? If you are not sure about the safety of sexual activity, maybe it would be a good idea not to engage in sex until you are knowledgeable enough about sexually transmitted diseases that you can protect yourself. Some of these diseases can be deadly.

Good times come and go. Your health, or lack of it, can be enduring. Stay healthy!
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