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Any similar case?? Outcome Needed...

Hi Everyone,

My 60-year old, non-drinking, non-smoking and otherwise healthy mom got sick 3 weeks ago with jaundice, loss of appetite, darker urine and fatigue.  She had been on Lipitor for 4 years.  Her doctor took her off Lipitor 6 months ago due to elevated AST/ALT levels (160/200).  Four months of no lipitor lowered her numbers to 20/24.  He put her back on Lipitor (cholesterol was up to 236). Within one month being back on Lipitor, mom started having the symptoms listed above.  She was admitted to the hospital where CT scan (normal), biopsy (inflammation present and no cancer), ultrasounds of the entire abdominal area (normal) were done.

First, they suspected Autoimmune Hepatitis, then day by day they are leaning more towards drug-induced hepatitis from Lipitor because Prednisone (40mg) should have lowered her numbers more drastically in the last 3 weeks.  Except for looking very yellow and needing insulin from the effects of the Prednisone, she feels pretty good.  They lowered her Prednisone last week to 30 and today to 20.  Her numbers today were:

Bilirubin total:  29.5  (25 last week)
AST:  1448  (2500 last week)
ALT:  2572 (3500 last week)
INR: 1.2  (1.4 last week)
ALK:  207
Albumin: 3.1
Hgb:  14.5
Platelet count:  214
Creatimine:  0.6
WBC:  17 (most likely from the Prednisone)
ANA: Negative

The team of specialists have asked us to be patient and hope that her numbers will go down.  They are concerned about her albumin but think that her liver is still functioning and what works for her are the biopsy results.  They've already done all the needed tests to prep her for a possible transplant but they don't think she's at the accepted level.  It's all so confusing and so new for us.

Has anyone had any similar diagnosis with similar numbers?  If so, what was the outcome? treatment?

Thank you.
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