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Autoimmune Hepatitis & other autoimmune diseases

Just wondering if any out there that are suffering from autoimmune hepatitis have other family members that have autoimmune diseases?  I have 2 brothers who both have autoimmune diseases plus a cousin who just passed from one.  In addition, my cousin who passed, her mother passed from Lupus in her forties. I have also been thru tx for HCV and am okay now for about yr and half.
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There is another forum autoimmune hepatits with a few of us allway writing and supporting each other. Find it and we would love to hear from you.
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Hi Jody

I have a paternal first cousin that has RA

The other forum Sarad's referring to is under Autoimmune Disorders....there's a post that she started that we've been talking on for a while...come join us!

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Hi Jody,
I'm the 3rd member of the group on the other website that Sarad referred too... Welcome!!!
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Hello, my mother 63 y/o, went to the Dr. last year (july 07) for a severe headaches and in the blood test she come with the enzimes severe high, the doctor inmediately told her to stop any medication she is taking and change diet, she has never been a drinker, very healthy foods only. She also have high pressure, (doctors say emotional high pressure do to stress), and back in december she has UTI, so she need to be treated, also she start to suffer arthritis, the doctors think the enzimes went to high do to so many pilds for the arthritis, so they stop all the pilds. But for the UTI she has to have an antibiotic, bactrim, didn't work so they put her in cipro, didn't work neither, so they give her a vaginal cream, seems that work, but know is not only her hands hurt for the arthritis, also her legs and back, she start to have fever, up to 102 and swelling in the hands, she went to the hospital, they have her under observation for 2 days and sent her back home and told her not to eat any medicine, but she is in a lot of pain, should we take her to a different hospital? or that shoul be the diagnostic and should be in a lot of pain?
Please some one help me to help my mother.
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Hi Skini,
Sorry, but I don't understand.  Are you saying she was diagnosed with Autoimmune Hepatitis?   I believe in order to be properly diagnosed, she would need a biopsy.  Have her enzyemes been high or what??? Before my diagnosis, I did have upper body arthritis to the point I couldn't dress my upper body.  Are there others in your family with any autoimmune diseases??  
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Hello Everyone, I just stopped by your community to make sure everyone knows about the new Transplant Forum. I didn't know if anyone would be interested in the forum or not. But I do want to invite all of you. If anyone has had a transplant, would you consider sharing your story. I feel the new site will be of great benefit to a lot of people and since we are kind of sister sites I thought we could help one another. Thank you!  Kande
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