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Does it sound like Autoimmune Hepatitis?

I'm 30 years old and I'm being treated for gallstones. I'm having my gallbladder removed. During an ultrasound of my gallbladder it showed a mildly enlarged liver. My doctor ordered blood tests (one was a liver function test) it came back fine except for a very weak or low titer of anti-smooth muscle antibodies. He thinks I might have autoimmune hepatitis. My doctor is going to do a liver biopsy when he removes my gallbladder. Should I be worried about having some other kind of disease (like the hepatits C viral infection).

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Please don't over worry yourself.  Wait for the biopsy to see if you even have AIH.  We don't know all the disorders or diseases out there that could cause your liver to have anti-smooth muscle antibodies.  Hopefully it is nothing.  If it is AIH in most cases it can be controlled.  
Good luck with your surgery & fingers crossed there isn't an issue with your liver.
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Thank you for the encouragement. I have my surgery scheduled for next friday. Hopefully the results will be good news with the biopsy. I'm trying not to let my mind wonder and get the best of me.
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There is a far less invasive test for your AIH than a biopsy, it is a fibroscan.  This will see if you have any fribrosis or liver disease patterns, nodules, cirrosis or anything like this.  It is a tv screen much like you see on an ultra sound scan but you have a laser type pen just pressing on your lower rib.  they have to have three clear tries out of ten for a decent reading but apart from a little tenderness from the pressing, it is far less traumatic and less dangerous.  I have had two biopsys and ask for all tests to be done including primary biliary cirrosis.  All these things can be managed most effectively and if any of the meds dont suit you, go back immediately and they will find one that will with less chemicals in.  Make sure you have coffe twice a day at lease.  i stopped drinking it for two months and the consultant told me to have it as it has been scientifically proved to help prevent liver cancer in liver problem patients.  If you need any further knowledge, please contact me, I can only tell you what I have been told or what I have experienced.  Trust the consultants but you must tell them the full story at all times, i.e. what you are experienceing, like itching, bloating, pale stools, dark urine, etc.  Good luck and dont worry,  AIH is not the end, you can enjoy life to the full, I am 52 and am still having a heap of fun even though I am border line cirrosis.  
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