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Hepatitis autoimmune

The mother is suspected of a disease autoimuna. The doctors oscillates between a hepatita autoimmune or rheumatoid autoimmune.Inca can not decide.the only simptoms are feverish state (up to 37.7 accompanied by chills) in last month, state fatigue and morning he wakes up and can not stand around noon. CT was performed and doctors see anything, negative blood culture, only analyzes which are worrying are C-reactive protein in  2weeks increased from 45 to 60 and a GGT analysis is 485 ... . I mention that the doctors administrate antibiotics without result (ceiling, ampicillin).Thank you
Mention as nausea , vomiting not exist.This state of low-grade fever that lasts a month and is accompanied by chills exhausted her...Give me please an advice about which kind of analises must be done to be sure about diagnostic...Thank you
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