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Is AIH stopping me getting pregnant??

My docs have always told me I have "unexplained infertility" not really the answer I needed but in the meantime have been diagnosed as havin AIH and have read that although people do have kids after diagnosis, could the AIH make it difficult, I could take this info to my gynae doc would rather know what it was causing my infertility....
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Geez, Netty, just a quick note to say i've never come across that issue here on this board but this is not the forum that addresses autoimmune hepatitis. What does your fertility specialist say?

So many of us with HCV had kids long before diagnosis.

Here's the link for the autoimmune hepatitis community on MedHelp and maybe ask there as well:


I hope you find a solution to your "unexplained infertility" as soon as possible. So much has been done in this field since I had my kids years ago.

Best wishes,
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Has hubby been examined for the infertility situation?
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Hi netty,

I have beem trying to conceive with assistance of fertility doctor for sometime. But unsuccessful. I can tell you now tat  Aih can cause infertility and pause of menstrual bleeding. My advice to you is to seek treatment for your liver once AIH is stable you can try conceiving with lower dose or no medication. Your pregnancy need to be monitored by "liver" doctor.
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I've been having the same concerns!  I'm 29 and have been diagnosed with AIH for 3 years.  I've had 2 healthy children, was then diagnosed and now I can't get pregnant, even with the assistance of infertility specialists.  Is there anyone else out there who has any ideas or success getting pregnant with autoimmune hepatitis?
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hi I have the same problem! I have no children and been trying for 14 years with multiple iui and ivf tries and last year I was diagnosed with AIH and now on medication steroids and 6 mercaptopurine (an anti cancer drug!) have you managed to get pregnant with AIH??
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