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Missed Periods in AIH

I have a dx of Probable Autoimmune Hepatitis, however it has never been bad enough to warrant any treatment to date. I havent had a Period since October 30th and there is no way I could be PG as I had a tubal done 16 years ago. I read online that sometimes AIH can cause you to miss a period when its in advanced stages,does anyone here have any light to shed on this subject? I am clearly wondering what is going on with me, given the fact I have not had a period since October. Any thoughts?  I have a doctors appt scheduled for next Thursday. My Periods have always been anywhere from 28-30 days apart each month; Im never late, always on time. I had mid-cycle spotting for two days, no flow, just spotting only. I am wondering is this could be related to my AIH dx? Has it happened to anyone else? From what I read online it states it happens in the Advanced Stages of AIH. I have been under the care of a Hepatologist for years and he sees no need to begin treatment, the last time I saw him was about a year ago though. Should I look into this or could it just be Menopause? At my age? Autoimmune Diseases run rampant in my family. I have a sister with Type 1 Diabetes and I have another sister with Fibromyalgia and I have three cousins with Type One Diabetes and two with MS...the list goes on and on, my momma had Pernicious Anemia too. Any thoughts?
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I forgot to mention that I am 41 years old.
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I have the same issue. I am 33 and have an upcoming Liver Biopsy for confirmation of AIH. I was on Deop-Provera for about 7 years then stopped the injections in 2008. I have not been on any other birth control since and I am not sexually active. I have not had a cycle since BEFORE I went on the Depo back in 2000/2001.
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