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My story and a few questions

So, where to begin. The reason I came to this site is so I can relate to someone and talk about all the things that "healthy people" don't want to hear about. I'm a 30 year old female. I was diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver, kidney failure, weak heart, and major breathing problems about one year ago. I have also been clean and sober for one year and three months now. I can't even stand the smell of alcohol now. I had gastric bypass in 2003 I was morbid obese. I went from 358 to 162 in the time span from 2003 to right before I was diagnosed. I was content and very satisfied with my weight. But my stomach never got any larger. So I still could only eat like I did the first year. I now weigh 120 and that is from December to current. I look like a skeleton. I am always yellow from my eyes to my skin, I have to roll a oxygen tank behind me whenever I go anywhere and can't receive the small tanks due to they can not support the amount of oxygen I require. I've been to the hospital and had to stay for several days on several different occasions. Yeah to everyone else DON'T DRINK!!!!!! Cause I wouldn't wish what I've been though on my worst enemy. Okay that's enough about me, question time: I'm having trouble keeping food down, any suggestions? Weight loss: Has anyone found any good supplements that can be easily digested? What to do for the pain, I have severe pain on a daily basis, suggestions? Skin supplements anyone know of any that you can see the improvement? Water weight gain and loss, I fluctuate between a size 4 to a size 13 due to the water and I'm on diuretics any suggestions? I don't have hepatitis, can I get it and what I can do to avoid it? My doctor said that I most likely won't have to get a transplant due to the enzymes in my liver have already shown improvement, but I'm still wondering if anyone has a ETA. Thanks very much in advance.

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