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Recently diagnosed with AIH, what does all this mean

I recently went in for a liver biopsy and here is the results,

Final Diagnosis:
Liver, core biopsy - Active chronic hepatitis with moderate plasma cell component, portal lymphoid follicles, and centrilobular necrosis (grade 3 of 4), see comment - Periportal fibrosis (stage 2 of 4). - No abnormal iron accumulation

Morphology is compatible with autoimmune hepatitis, and is supported by clinical history of anti-F-actin and antimitochondrial antibodies noted in the electronic medical record.  No features are seen to suggest primary biliary cirrhosis in this material.

I see my Gastro tomorrow afternoon and would like to know if there are any questions that I need to ask??  I could use some guidance.

Thank You in advance
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Hi and welcome

You have posted in the hepatitis c Community and from your report it appears you have auto immune hepatitis.

There is another community for that condition you may be better to ask your question there


There is also a Liver disorder community

And a Cirrhosis of the liver community.

You don't appear to have cirrhosis from what you posted but there are some very smart people over there on that group.

Best of luck to you
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Happen to see your post and thought I would respond. Sorry to hear about you having AIH and you might get more info from that forum as this is the Hep C forum. The good thing is you are not cirrhotic but you are later stage 2. Here is some reading before you see your doctor. Best to you.

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Fortunately the treatments for AIH is very effective, and I hope you are the treatable form. The question to ask is there something strange going on that the typical treatments don't cover. AIH is a very treatable disease, with the right doctor, if you are not on board with the assigned doctor, you need a new doctor.
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