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blood test

Hi since January iv had lots of blood test I started having my alt up to 200 then it goes bk down
My alt is still up and down

The I toke more and it came back as
Alt elevated
AntiNuclear antibody-HEp-2 border line

Any ideas n what's going on?  

My symptoms

Struggle to get though a working day (off work)
Joint pain
Tummy pain
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Certainty work will your doctor and try to get at least a GI specialist involved if possible. Hematologists will be needed if it is determined that you do have AIH, but getting in to see one is difficult and usually requires referrals. And, since your ANA is at least borderline, get a rheumy  involved. Your fatigue and joint pain maybe due to the AI issues. Your liver has to be almost completely failed before it will cause systemic issues like these. Good luck and hope you can get to a proper diagnosis quickly -  these things usually always proceed smoothly and a liver biopsy might be needed.
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I meant "Hepatologist" ... not Hematologists ... spell checker wasn't paying attention, nor I.
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