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Can I still reach my Dream? Is there a life after Hepatitis B?

Im a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Nursing in FEU and I now, a REGISTERED NURSE as I passed the Nov 2008 board examination. I graduated as *** LAUDE in my school hoping that this recognition could bring me to success. Until now, i can't believe that all my dreams will just fade because of my condition. I was diagnosed with hepatitis B when we had our screening when I was in 2nd year college..I wAS so blessed that i was able to finish college even with this kind of condition. But now, that i'm a registered nurse, new worries and fears hunted me..." Do I still have a chance to work as a nurse in the other country?" " iS it possible for me to work here in the Philippines as a nurse knowing that Filipinos are not that open and very strict with regards to this kind of topics?" Now I don't know what to do...Im just praying for someone that God will send to me, which will serve as his instrument in giving me hope and encouragement with regards to my condition. I'm a healthy carrier since I got this disease from my mom...Hope for your reply
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there is no need to listing your personal info.

as for your condition, it is the same worry many people come here to express. it isnt that easy in some countries.

i cant really tell if you are able to work in the phillippines or any other country.
if you have a country in mind that you would like to move to then i would suggest you check their national health department and see if you will be elgible for work in that country or not.

good luck and hang in there til like you said God has a different say.
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Hi bbery..Thanks for that encouragement..I know that God has a great plan for me...
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you know what? im also positive w/ hepa b... pero ipinapaDIYOS ko nalang.... and ng nasa pinas p ako? ang nireseta skin ng doctor ko is GODEX capsule... sinabayan ko din ng (CMD) concentrated mineral drops n inihahalo ko sa calamansi juice... 3 months ko din tnake lahat ng un and now im hire in malaysia... working... i've passed the medical screening 3 times.... and thank God nawala.... hoped u try it also.... medyo magastos lng sya...... pero laking ginhawa naman.... ung GODEX 2capsule 3x a day, after meal.....tapos ung CMD 20 drops evry meal..... kso dito sa malaysia natatakot ulit ako kasi puro oily fuds dito... natrauma n pti ako... hirap kpag nasa isip n..... and pls. also ask ur personal doctor.... GODSPEED and GOD BLESS EVERYONE!
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I realize I am replying to a fairly old post, but I saw it only now. I hope my thoughts on the matter help.

If I were a patient with wounds that needed dressing, and I did not have HepB, given the choice, I really would not choose to be cared for by a nurse who has HepB.

Next: what kind of patients would not care whether you have HepB or not? Patients who have HepB themselves? I wonder if there is a HepB hospital somewhere in the world. What else? Advanced stage cancer patients or other terminally ill patients? As far as I know HepB has quite a long incubation period. Surely, terminally ill patients would not be affected much by this. Do you think you could specialize in caring for them? What else? A geriatric hospital? Any more ideas?

I understand that the laws in your country of interest may not let you care even for terminally ill patients. I hope you can reason with someone, somewhere in the world, and they will let you work at whatever you do best.
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I am hep b carrier I am  an RN. I went through a same predicament like yours.I passed all the exam including CGFNS. I cried devastated when I found out that I am a carrier and was discriminated by a  hospital in Manila. But I didnt give up. till I found this small hospital in cubao.They did not require any medical exam, Which I believed God answered my Prayer. Worked there for 3 years. Now Im working here in USA enjoying my dream. Always remember white lie is not a sin...
keep on Praying, God Will lead the way...
so USA is not strict with hepa b?
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Hi! Katulad mo ako rin ay may HepaB last 2005 ko nalaman 22 years old ako nun. Dapat yung mga school dito sa Pinas may medical para malaman kung may sakit ka ba katulad ng HepaB para alam mo kung ano bang dapat na course para sa'yo. Sa tingin ko mahihirapan ka talagang makahanap ng work kasi ang HRM related sa pagkain eh very strict pa naman sila maghire ng mga taong may HepaB kahit hindi naman natratransfer sa food ito. Why not magtayo ka na lang ng sarili mong business  kasi kahit nga ako hirap makahanap ng work dahil sa sakit na ito dito sa Pinas.
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bakit sa pilipinas wala ytang napapagaling na sakit ng hepa b?alam nio ba sa india 2 to 3 months kaya nila mapagaling ung hepa b herbal medicine lang un ha sana ung mga doctor sa pilpinas mag research naman kasi madami ang nasisira ang buhay ng dahil sa sakit na yan,may kasamahan kc ako d2 sa dubai nagkasakit sya ng hepa b pinauwi sa india after 3 months nkblik kc magaling na cya
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Search nyo ang Blood Electrification sa internet..... a suggestion from a good man.
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Having a chronic disease is hard to deal with, don't spam fake promises.  There are good people here and they share info for FREE.  I deleted your other spam post.  
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Hi! im type_o im 31 yrs old katulad nyo nag positive din ako sa hepa b. nalaman ko ito since 2004 pa nung first time ako mag apply ng work locally. i was so disappointed and depressd that time na malaman ko na may hepa ako at hepa b pa. hindi ko alam kong saan ko ito nakuha. at natanong ko din si Lord na bakit nagkaroon ako ng ganitong  sakit. mahirap tanggapin sa  loob  kasi tama kayo lahat sa buhay mo apektado. nakapag abroad na ako once nag punta ako ng japan as tourist tapos nag work ako dun ng mga 2 years din. hindi ko na nabigyan ng atensyon ang sakit ko parang binalewala ko lang  kasi akala ko kusang mawawala na lang sa katagalan but i was wrong until now nandito pa rin sa dugo ko yung virus. i hav gf and shes supporting me all the way naman at tanggap nya ang kalagayan ko. 7 yrs na kami pero never pa kami nagkaroon ng sex contact. natatakot ako mahawahan sya. mabuti na rin nga yung magkalayo kami. Sabi ng doctor sakin mababa daw yung level ng virus sa dugo ko kaya hindi nya ako nabibigyan ng gamot na para talaga sa hepa b. take lang daw ako ng mga food supplement especially yung pang liver. i don't drink  liquor or smoke. sabi ko nga ako yung walang bisyo ako pa yung nagkasakit ng ganito. pero wala ako choice kundi harapin ito. tulungan nyo sana ako kung papano ko maihahandle ng maayos ang sakit na ito. God Bless You All!
ako rin my hepa b! chronic sakin 2 years ago na to at minsan sumasakit ang tyan ko. annung doctor ako mag papa checkup?
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There are many doctors in the philippines actively researching nucleoside drugs safety, efficacy and combined treatment for filipinoes. Many of the adults get exposed to it and can handle it on their own. Believe that this disease can be fought. Most people can get rid of the virus before 6months. Vaccination is also crucial. Most who got infected really dont need treatment, some chronic carriers may benefit drugs but it depends on thier status.
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BioSlim, I know you are very smart, and a very promising career is within your grasp. You just need to be aware that some work will not be beneficial to you and you patients. Being a carrier of hep b, you are at risk for contracting hep d, which will aggravate your situation, and transmitting it to immunocompromised patients will always be a risk even after proper aseptic techniques. Maybe academe, research or administrative nursing (MA or PhD) programs may be more suited for you as of now. You can control your disease with the right doctor, check thier credentials and records. Hopefully you dont loose your optimism and still fight for your dreams. Hope this helps.

Wag ka mawalan ng pagasa. You can pm me if you want with your hepa profile, maybe i can refer you to a specialist if you want. Do withheld personal information.
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hi im 19 yrs old,female,nursing student,.katulad nyo meron din akong hepaB! d ko lam kung saan ko e2 nkuha,,im so deppressed nung nalaman kung meron akong sakit na ganto..nalaman ko e2 nung 2ngyr college aq,,den ngpacheckup aq ang nireseta lng skin is vitamins! la din nmang epekto,. sana matulungan nyo q,.parang nwa2lan na po kc ako ng pagasa eh,,=(
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There is definitely life after hepa b. There is always hope. Education and proper management is key.What is your hepa profile? Your doctor might have diagnosed you in an early phase of hep thats why he gave you only supportive treatment. If your chronic, there are certain criteria you need to have to be a candidate for treatment. Have your immediate family also screened.

How you get it is not significant. What you get out of life is important.  Tuloy mo lang ang pangarap mo. Dasal ka lagi.
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isa na rin ako sa mga nag karoon ng hepa, i just found it out yesterday. agency ko ung nag inform na unfit ako at ay may hepa b ako. iyak na lang ako ng iyak kac i feel na hopeless na talaga ako. ung konti dream ko na hoping makuha ko unf f mag work abroad wala na.hirap tanggapin sana ibang sakit na lang ung curable, kaya lang di natin kontrolado and buhay. i want to see a doctor soon to find out how bad it is. i know si God na lang talaga ang hope ko, im still hoping na gagaling ako.
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nabasa ko lahat ang lahat ngmga problem dto, tulad ninyo ako din ay isang HepB carrier, sa una masakit, prang bumagsak ang mundo pero hindi ito naging hadlang sa mga pangarap ko, wala ka namang magawa kung nakuha mo ito sa mother mo di ba? Nasa US na ako ngayun last week nag Hepa profile kami  sa unit meeting ginawa yung mga blood draws, to think na meron ako inisip ko na i pray for the best and expect for the worst kung i fire bahala na, but you know nung nalamn nila na may HepB ako im honest na meron ako, got it from my mom, you know what their reactions they are very supportive and did not fire me, pina check up pa ako, naku naluha talaga ako,  prayers lang po talaga ang katapat wag po tayong mawalan ng pag asa dahil dto sa US tanggap sa work ang may Hep B. Discrimination po iyon,  at wala sa kannilang CDC o comm disease center and bawal ang may hepa b.  Dito po sa US halos lahat na ng tao eh may vaccine na sa hepb, so hindi na talaga big deal iyun ang big deal eh yung Hep C na wala pang vaccine, so be careful na wag ninyong makuha iyon.  Basta keep on dreaming, alagaang mabuti ang katawan i know wlang gamot sa Hep B pero im always praying na may darating ding research na gagamot sa ating mga carrier.  I love you all!! hope this helps!!
Galing nmn, sana mkpunta din aqo s us, dream ko yan., kzo carrier din aqo kya nwalan tlga aqo pgasa., kzi medical plan d2 s pinas bagsak na lagi hindi inaabrubahan kya d aqo mkapgabroad,. Sana mapayuhan mu aqo kung pnu mkarating dyan., salamat sa inspirasyon n ibinahagi mu khit panu ngkchance aqo.,tnx.
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I know this is fairly old post. I hope everything is better for you now. I remember my reaction finding out this. I don't know if there is a god. But sometimes, life throw a situation at us. We have to find a way survive. Something we have control of; Some we don't. We do not have full control over your health. Only certain is death. Everyone will get there at one point.

I know it's harder for people in other country. It's more strict than compare to US. Perhaps you are meant are meant to be something else. But, if this is something you are really, find a way. Surround yourself with family and love one. Take good care of yourself.
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HbsAg positive ako at HbeAg negative.. at tapus na akong magmedical ang result profile ay fit to work ako dahil d daw ako nakakahawa pero may waiver akong pinermahan kaso lang may medical ulit pagdating namin ng bansang aming puntahan. Tanung ko lang po kung makakalusot po ba ako sa medical doon? dahil nagaalala po ako baka ako'y pabalikin o pauwiin nang bansa.. thanx po
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Wammy, what tests were requested for you? What was your hepa profile? For all we know, you might be an acute carrier with a high chance to seroconvert (gumaling sa hepb). have a doctor to take care and educate you.
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Can cure stage 4 cancers? Hep A,B,C and AIDS? Even comatose patients?
Can you post medical journals and studies regarding this? This sounds to good to be true. I would really like to know what are the active substances in this product.

Some kababayans out there are having a bad time because of their diseases, and a tall claim like that with no strong evidence is something they dont need. I really pray that a cure be found to all these illness, but I hope that this is not just one of those miracle marketing supplements that claims can cure anything but does nothing.  Taken advantage of during a time of vulnerability is just unforgivable. Is this BFAD and FDA approved?
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i know walang tx sa may hepB, using herbal medicines may just boost ur immune system but not removing the virus or killing them.  Hope lang na walang false hope dito sa product mo, if its really a cure then i would want one but i really doubt if not coming from FDA here, sana hindi lang para  kumita o magkapera langPost more about the product here and i could research it..
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hi,pede ko ba malaman kung san bansa ka pupunta?...kc depende sa bansa yun en sa employer...
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Hello mga kabayan, kagaya nyo rin ako isang HepaB carrier ang masakit ngayon pang araw nato nalaman ko na may hepab ako, nagdonate ako ng blood sa red cross dito sa Australia last may lang tapos ngayong araw nato natanggap ko ang tawag galing sa doctor na nag screen ng dugo ko, at sinabi nya na may hepab ako pero I wondered bakit ako nagkahepab na hindi naman ako umiinom, naninigarelyo, nagdrugas nag inject ng kung ano ano pa, tsaka bago ako nagmigrate dito sa australia nagpa DNA pa ako wala naman ang doctor ko maysinabing may hepab ako, pero ngayon nagkahepab na ako hindi ko lubos akalain na magkaroon ako nito dahil wala naman akong may naisipan kung saan ko nakuha ito, kahit symptom wala nga ako may naramdaman healthy man ako tsaka hindi man ako nakaramdam ng pagod.Ng malaman ko ngayong araw na ito na may hepab ako parang gumuho ang mundo ko dahil alam ko wala pang may nahanap na cure para sa hepab nakakatakot. Ang panginoon lang siguro ang makapagaling sa akin, sa ating lahat.

Tanong ko lang po:
Ano ang iniinom nyo na posible na makagaling sa Hepab nyo? Share nyo naman sa akin Please.....God bless

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guys im a hrm graduate here in the philippines.. i just cant apply for a job because of this hbv.. most of the restaurants and hotels that i applied has a medical exam and hepa b screening.. i really wanted to work and serve people that's why i chose hrm..
do you think i can find a work related to hotel and restaurant??.. godbless to all of you guys!
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