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HBsAg -REACTIVE: Need your Advise please

Hi All,

I'm new to this site and I manage to find this because I was looking for an answer regarding my Hepatitis Profile (BC) test results which was taken yesterday. I am very concern since I'm on the process of applying for a Job and hopefully get a permanent residency in NZ. Ito po yung results ko. Paki explain pls.

HBsAg w/Titer (CMIA) 3052.20  C.O.V. 1.00   REACTIVE
Anti HBs (CMIA) 0.55 mIU/ml C.O.V. 10.00    NON-REACTIVE
HBeAg (CMIA) 0.37 C.O.V. 1.00                    NON-REACTIVE
Anti HBe (CMIA) 0.01 C.O.V. 1.00                 REACTIVE

Comment/s: AHBe count below the cut-off value is considered REACTIVE.

Anti HBc Total (CMIA) 12.13 C.O.V. 1.00       REACTIVE
Anti HBc IgM (CMIA) 0.09 C.O.V. 1.00           NON-REACTIVE
Anti HCV (ECLIA) 0.08 C.O.V. 1.00                NON-REACTIVE

Is there still a chance for me to get healed? This has really put me down.
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is this chronic or acute?
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chronic po ung sau pero healthy carrier qah means low infectious or di nmn nakakahawa hanap qah ng gastro para ma explain din sau at mbgyan qah ng kahit vitamins lang. sabi dw nila pag chronic life time na dw na gamutan bsta healthy life style iwas sa alcohol, drugs, stress, eat a lot of fruits and veges and exercise syempre pnka mabisa isa pray to god. were same chronic na rin me. wla pa dw kc gamot para sa sakit na2 eh.
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juicing lang ang katapat ng lahat ng sakit.... kung gusto ninyo ma alis ang mga sakit ninyo try juicing mag search lang kayo. pwede rin yung malunggay juice at calamansi juice. kung kaya ninyo lahat ng meal ninyo mag juice kayo ng ibat-ibang fruits and vegetables dyan mabilis ma patay ang mga virus... GOD BLESSS...
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