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HbeAg and anti hbe

Hi po nag pa lab test po ako yesterday ano po ibig sbihin nito.9 years na po aq hepa bb positive.

Sgpt  21U/l  range 0.000-40.00
HBeAg 0.094  cutoff 0.105 non reactive
Anti hbe 0.070 cut off 0.610 reactive.
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Ako nga din po eh.. since 2009 pdin yong skin hkndi qoh dn alam ano gamot!nmmroblem n nga aqo
ahmn if nasa manila area po kayo specifically pasay subukan nyo po pumunta sa health trends located at hobbies of asia sa macapagal. https://www.practo.com/philippines/pasay/clinic/health-trends-medical-clinics-and-diagnostic-center-pasay-city

kind po ang staff nila sabhin nyo lang po na mag papa hepa profile kayo para malaman ang status ng health nyo and iiexplain naman po ng pathologist kung ano ibig sabhin ng result and if needed po kayo ng treatment.
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