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Knowing about HBV

Gud day nalaman q lng po last m0nth na may hepa aq e2 po ang result q,

HBsAG Elisa (patient abs 3.223 / cut off value 0.105) REACTIVE

Anti-HBs (patient abs 0.024 / cut off value 0.105) NON-REACTIVE

HBeAG (patient abs 0.013 / cut off value 0.015) NON-REACTIVE

Anti-HBe (patient abs 0.014 / cut off value 0.816) REACTIVE

Anti-HBe IgG (patient abs 0.018 / cut off value 0.434) REACTIVE

Anti-HBe IgM (patient abs 0.050 / cut off value 0.105) NON REACTIVE

indi q po kc mafigure out kung magagamut pa yan o malala na. . Magpapa2lung sna aq kc marami ang may alam dito 2ngkul jan. . . Maraming salamat po magpray po tau, godbles us
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punta kayo sa HI precision... ipaulit nyo po yung tests nyo, dapat po with titer para mas makita ng figure ng tests... wag pong ELISA TEST
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Please help nmn po mag interpret ng test ko. SGPT/ALT 34.30 U/L (10.00-35.00) SGOT/AST 34.40 (10.00-35.00) Anti HBs (CMIA) 0.66 mIU/mL C.O.V. 10.000 Nonreactive HBsAg w/ Titer 5417.43 C.O.V. 1.000 Reactive Anti HBc Total (CMIA) 8.61 C.O.V. 1.000 Reactive Anti HBc IgM (CMIA) 0.04 C.O.V. 1.000 Nonreactive Anti HBe (CMIA) 0.59 C.O.V 1.000 Reactive
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