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Pls explain based on my results pls?

here's my result

Examination     Result     Cut-off     Remarks
HBsAg Titer      0.983      0.658       Reactive
Anti-HBs            0.612      0.709       Nonreactive
HBeAg               0.543      0.621       NR
Anti-HBe            1.112      1.321       NR
Anti-HBc IgM    0.654      0.796       NR
Anti-HBc IgG     1.476      1.236       R

Examination     Result     Cut-off     Remarks
HBsAg Titer      0.865      0.658       Reactive
Anti-HBs            0.701      0.709       Nonreactive
HBeAg               0.456      0.621       NR
Anti-HBe            1.082      1.321       NR
Anti-HBc IgM    0.543      0.796       NR
Anti-HBc IgG     1.354      1.236       R

Examination     Result     Cut-off     Remarks
HBsAg Titer      0.712      0.658       Reactive
Anti-HBs            0.698      0.709       Nonreactive
HBeAg               0.395      0.621        NR
Anti-HBe            1.329      1.321       R
Anti-HBc IgM    0.594      0.796       NR
Anti-HBc IgG     1.439      1.236       R

based on my results, anti hbe was suddenly reactive and my anti-hbc igg was raised should i be worried about this? what is the meaning of this result? and last if my HBsAg will be less than the cut-off value can i be nonreactive or undectectable? or shall we say HBsAg nonreactive? thank you
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im not sure pero base sa last "HBsAg Titer" eh infected ka pa rin ng hepa B virus. :( try mo i research ang results mo..
chronic hepatitis B.  no need imonotor yang mga value na yan.
Kulang test mo dapat my liver ultrasound, alt and ast, afp etc. Pa checkup k sa doktor
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