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Acute Hepa B


I was recently diagnosed with Acute Hepa B Infection this March when my officemates noticed my eyes were yellow and i started vomitting, my lab results are as follows:

Anti HAVIgM (Reference Range < 1.20) 0.55 (Non-Reactive)
HBsAg (Reference Range < 1.0)                 1514.65 (Reactive)
Anti HBcIgM (Reference Range  1.0)         32.57 (Non-Reactive)
HBeAg (Reference Range < 1.0)         1703.73 (Reactive)
AntiHCV (Reference Range < 1.0)         0.07 (Non-Reactive)

Although based on my research, acute cases don't need medication (just proper rest, eat healthy foods), my doctor advised me to take Entecavir x1 a day.

I still have slight jaundice and occasional dark urine esp in the morning. I started taking entecavir since 17th March and I feel ok though jaundice is still noticeable. Any comments?
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Hi, i was infected with Acute Hep B based on my lab results in the year 2007, after 10 months of medication, taking Godex 2 capsules 3 times a day, once a month SGPT test, i was fully recovered. then 9 years later, i noticed my eyes turning yellow and having dark urine. i was worried my hepatitis would come back. i consulted my doctor again testing my blood, and the result is Negative in Hepa B but Reactive in Hepa A. now i have nothing  to spend for medicines. is there any solutions? or alternatives in medication of Hepa A? Help.....
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sobrang hirap ko nun na sinabi ng ibng doctr na wla ng gamot pero nung nkauspa ko xa para bng my bagong oag asa ako ulit na guling
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guys kong gusto nyo po gumaling sa skit na pingdadaanan bka pwd ako mkatulong kc mismo doctr din po mkausap...at gumaling po sa skit na po yan...sobrng saya ko nun at nahuayn ako ng loob txt no po ako 09081796673 o 09159955512
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Hi pano mo po nalamanbna acute ang HEPA mo...sakin hbsag q reactive and then hbseg non reactive..pero di q alam kung acute ba o chronic...wala namang binigay na gamot ang doctor sakin..sabi niya ang virus q daw ay NASA blood lang...Ying symptoms q una palpitations,, then pumayat aq, itchy skin tapos silent burping..ang dami..dati palagi along fatigue wala naman akong work...tapos clear naman ang urine q...ano ano PA ba ang symptoms mo?
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Ako naman po nag papantal clear din urine ko.
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There's been a typo and Since i cannot edit/delete my post, i will re-post my lab results here:

Anti HAVIgM (Reference Range < 1.20) 0.55 (NR)
HBsAg (Reference Range < 1.0)               1514.6 (R)
Anti HBcIgM (Reference Range  1.0)           32.57 (NR)
HBeAg (Reference Range < 1.0)        1703.73 (R)
AntiHCV (Reference Range < 1.0)          0.07 (NR)
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