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Acute Or Chronic?

Recently one of my friend being diagnosed with HEP B:
Can some one please  tell us  whether it is  Acute Or Chronic? based on  yours experience

HBcAB {Hep B core ( total )antibody} -- Positive

HBeAB (Hep Be antibody )--  Positive

HBsAg (Hep B Suface antigen )--  Positive

Thanks ,
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Thanks For the comment Shankar,
Is it any reason for Chronic . On what base you can conclude Chronic?
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Chronic. Cause of the present of e antibody. It's the last stage of the virus
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Hi Mario30,

If its last stage of virus means .. there  will be no harm ? Please confirm ?
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hbcab total constitutes igG and igM. first one indicates chronic 2nd one acute. total is doubtful for chronicity though ur eAg is negative which supports u being chronic. If these tests are done at more than 6 months after ur possible exposure, u r certainly chronic. check for anti hbcab igm if possible.
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I agree you should check the igm.  I am new to all this but I am chronic bc hbsag + and anti anti hbc igm -.   Hope you are acute.  Discovering that you are chronic is a heavy burden and life's altering
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Hi People ,
Thanks for the support :

MY HBV DNA results :

quantitative HBV DNA  1385 IU/ mL
                                    3.1 Log110 IU/mL

IS it ok or really something bad? Please comment
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Very much ok. You don't even need treatment. Just avoid alcohol and tobacco. You gonna live your life to fulness
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Perhaps you gonna die one day, but at age 82 to 85years. And your doctor gonna die before you.
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