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. HBV Positive 15 years

I am hep b positive at least I know for 15 years. I am 45 years.    
1-HBV Viral load PCR Undetectable and declined from 53 IU/ML to 38 IU/ML to undetectable in 1.5 years test range.
2-Hbsag >1000.
  3-Hbeag negative
  4- Mild fibrosis
5- AFP decreased from 15 to 12 in 6 months

Please help me understand if I am in danger or in safe mode for now
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If your ALT and AST are within range then I don't think you need medication. But at grew older, it is good to have close watch on the condition. Also I would suggest to have liver scan twice or trice in a year because of HbsAg > 1000. Maintain vitamins and good diet.
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@ssdpositive. Thank you so much.  ALT and AST have been persistently normal range.  but the HBV Viral load is decreasing gradually. The first time I did HBV PCR I was 53 IU/ML and 6 months later I was 38 IU/ML and 6 months later the viral load was undetectable....what could this gradual decrease mean?...….  I have Hbsag >1000. is there any relationship between Viral load PCR and Hbsag. Finally I am diagnosed with Mild liver Fibrosis.....Can this be reversed despite been HBV chronic patient...… I understand you are not doctors but patients like me...just want to share your experiences,,,,
Yes I am patient. Not sure if there is any relation between PCR and Hbsag. PCR is presenting how the virus is replicating. If you have antibody present then that can be cause in decrease of PCR. You can control or reduce the fibrosis(lower stage) with good eating habit. Were you on med in past ? Your viral load is too low and other parameters as well. So it will not matter if you have Hep b or not.
@ ssdpositive. No I was never on medication. Just naturally Viral load is turned undetected.
oh great !!! What are your eating habits. What diet you are following over the years ?
Honestly I don’t remember changing my ordinary diet. Just normal life style
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