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Vit D3 and Calcium levels required for a person on TDF300 + ETV 0.5?

My doctor has prescribed the medicine calcimax 500 for my mom who is currently on etv+tdf combo,my question is are the calcium and vit d3 levels mentioned below sufficient for her if she takes this tablet once daily(as prescribed by the doctor).Is a daily intake of 200 iu of Vitd3 sufficient for a person being on combo treatment for chronic hbv?She also takes Vit B12 and folic acid tablets......


Calcium carbonate 1250 mg,
Vitamin D3 200 IU.,
L-lysine 25 mg,
Magnesium 75 mg,
Zinc 4 mg,
Boron 1 mg,
Selenium 35 mcg,
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Vitamin D3 200 IU

i dont know why they produce this fraud, by sun exposure you can make 20.000iu per day in a sunny country with fullbody exposure and you will find that hbv carriers with damaged livers can t make enough vit d in their body even producing this much vit d

taking calcium is mostly useless, a correct quantity of vit d3 and vit k2 will correct calcium kinetics.vit d increases calcium absorption and k2 will fix it to bones

you can use the following products which are way better:
this is the best product, it is 3 pills a day

this is good too, 1 cap a day

this is good for osteo problems but it is 4 caps a day
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probably cheaper option taking d3 and k2 separate


stef2011 Thank you so much for your replies.....Currently she doesn't have any problems but the doc. has just prescribed it as a supplement....By going through the links posted by you it seems that 200 IU per day is very low....Actually what  is the min. amount of vit d3 required can you please tell me?
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there is no dose we are all different, there s a minimum required for pregnant women of 6000iu per day and you can take 10.000iu per day as a largely safe dose

best thing is start with 7000-10.000iu daily with k2 too and after 1-2months check vitd25oh and intact pth and then adjust dose according to optimum levels reached.optimum levels are 80-100ng for vitd25oh and at the same time intact pth mid low range of normal

if there is a lot of liver damage normal doses dont work because liver cant transform vit d, so it is best to check levels

if taking tdf vit d is mandatory because tdf makes changes to vit d/pth and leads to bone density loss
Today my mother got tested for 25 hydroxy Vitamin D which came out to be 32 ng/ml(Reference range:30- 40 ng/ml)......Is it sufficient?
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no, optimum ranges are 60-100ng/ml if you want to prevent diseases, 32ng/ml might be sufficient for a healthy person calcium pathways
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Yes,my doctor also said it's not sufficient that's why he has prescribed one NEW BONA FEM tablet per day for the next 6 months......It's composition is:

Cholecalciferol 2000 IU+Dehydroepiandrosterone 50 MG+Elemental calcium 500 MG+L-methylfolate 1 MG+Methylcobalamin 1500 MCG+Pyridoxal 5-phosphate 0.6 MG
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