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in 2007 HBV DNA Quant. less than 0.38 IU/ml but now in yr 2016 it is 112 IU/ml

Hi Stef,

I incidentally got the tested positive for HBSAg in year 2007 when applied for a job in Gulf. Then worried a lot when declared unfit for the job. I consulted a Hepatologist/Gastro-enterologist in the city and he advised the further tests. The test reports were HBSAg +ve. HBeAg 0.38 Negative and SGPT 34 and SGOT 28 and ALK Phosphate 4.9, Platelet 205, TLC 6106, Hb 14.8 and HBV DNA Quantitative was less than 3.8 IU/ML where IU = 5.8 Copies and U/S was showing fatty liver. Then doc. refereed me as a "Inactive State Carrier" Screening of my spouse and mother and father was also done, they are were found HBSAg negative and were vaccinated at that time. Now after 9 years in 2016 I again got tested for HBV DNA Quantitative and its value is 112 IU/ML. All LFT is ok, KFT is ok, CBC is also ok. HIV is neagtive, Anti HCV is negative. I want to know that am I still an inactive carrier or I have become active now? Am I prone to spread the disease to others in my contact ? I am feeling very insecure. I used alcohol also in last 5-6 years many times. Please let me know of any possible treatment.

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Charanjeet Singh
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to know if yo are inactive you need to check hbsag quantitative and fibroscan too, hbvdna 112iu/ml is nothing and nothing to worry

fatty liver is same disease as hbv and can even be worst, so take vitamin d3, vitamin E (natural type), fish oil with a minimum of 3g of epa/dha
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and of course no processed foods, sugars
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It is hard to believe that in 2007, your lab report can state that your HBV DNA was less than 3.8 iu/ml. This is a very low limit of detection for 2007.
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