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35 and still single because of hep b

I was diagnosed hep b positive but the doctors says its not contagiois. Im 35 now and still single,  im not in a relationship since im found out that i have a hep b because im afraid that nobody will marry me if i tell them the truth.It is posible that i can pass this to my husband and child just in case i got married? pls give me your advise.
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people around you just need to get a vaccine shot and will never get any hbv

if you are hbsag positive you are contagious but this mean nothing if people is vaccinated.
the most advanced countries and the ones with free healthcare have mandatory vaccination for hbv (for example my country italy) so there is no hbv from the 1990, only older people or immigrants have it.

it is very easy to cancell hbv from the world because there is a vaccine from 20-30 yeras ago but probably it is not good for everybody to cancell hbv from the world....
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Pareho lang tayo ng situation pwede naman tayong mag-asawa basta maging honest ka lang sa partner mo na sabihin ang sakit mo. Kung mahal ka niya talaga matatangap ka niya. Kailangan lang vaccinated lahat ng tao kasama mo sa bahay tulad ng asawa mo at magiging anak mo. Kaya ako lahat ng kasama ko dito sa bahay namin vaccinated na sila pero responsible carrier pa rin ako. Pero sa situation ko ngayon malayo pa sa isip kong mag-asawa kahit 27 na ako sa Abril.
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I know how you feel. I'm guessing you are contagious, but as long as you make sure your partner has been vaccinated, then all is well. You might want to ask your doctor if you are Hepatitis B 'S' Antigen positive. If yes, then you are contagious.

If you do decide to have a child, just make sure your doctor is aware of your Hepatitis B. They can prevent the transmission of Hep B to your child these days, but I would tell them to be extra sure to do so.

Best of luck.

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