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AFP marker


I recently did some blood tests and my alt is low, 11 however my afp marker is 13.  Also, my DNA viral load is 4,000. A big drop from last year which was in the 100,000. I take natural treatments, no medication and suffer from chronic hep b.

I also did an ultrasound a month ago which showed everything was okay but with the liver a little bit of coarsness was there which could be due to fatty liver.  I have gained some weight over the year due to hormones.

Can anyone tell me if I should be concerned with my afp?  It seems it increases yearly or is this normal for hep b patients?

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no aft out of range is not normal, it can reflect HCC or general high inflammation.the best thing is to check also fibrosis level by firboscan and of course lose weight and eat healthy.also low vitamin d levels can make liver fibrosis, fatty liver and inflammation if you don t take supplements it is low, make sure to check it is high levels of normal
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also antinflammatory diet is the best thing to do like very low carbs and sugars
I read that above the range which mine is 13 is normal for hepatitis b patients.  But my blood tests are all normal include my ultrasound.  So not sure what you mean?
i mean that there is too much inflammation in your liver.if it is not ucc or high alt it is inflammation due to metabloic disease (if you are overweight this is for sure).to cure metabolic disease vitamin d is the best option and of course change of diet, losing weight and exercise
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It could be due to lifestyle.  If you have hormone issue.  Get a test called Dutch test.  It’s a hormone and pathway test.  Then you can find out which hormones are odd and support it.  I would stay away from processed sugars. Maybe do a no sugar month. Not even fruit or honey or rice.
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