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can i ask some help over here?? i am scheduled for an interview at the us embassy on october 3rd week for a work.. then i learned lately that i have a HBasg reactive result.. how can i past this evil sickness i know im juz a victim.. i realy nedd work for me to help my family here in philippines..
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I received your private message but I make it a habit to make my comments here on the forum.  Also be aware that MedHelp auto filters out e-mail address so I don't have your e-mail address as per your message.

HepB is quite common in the Philippines.  We have many forum members asking similiar questions, such as 'on physical to work I tested positive for HBsAg, how do I make it negative?'

Unfortuately there is no cure for chronic HepB.  And unfortuately, those who find out like in similiar manner are likely chronic infections.

I don't know what implications this will have with your work, since I know little, actually nothing on employment laws in the Phillipines.

What you can do is learn about the disease and learn to monitor it, treat it if needed, and learn to take care of yourself.

And lastly, go to our HepB Welcome Intro Health Page to start learning this complex disease.
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their is a lot of info at ****.***    ****.*** their is a med that suppress the virus called enticaver baraclode for only 300 pesos per day or less.

i hope this will help
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Hello there,

You can find medical information for US Visa just search Google and you will find lots of related infos. I think US immigration is not so strict on Hepers and they usually focus on TB and HIV.

Good Luck on researching.
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