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After 16 week with Interferron + Simvastatin

Took 1st dose on 21 Oct 2011 and on 11 Jan 2012 HBV DNA not detected.  
Below is the lab history,                          

Date            13/9  20/10  21/10  11/11  16/11  9/12  15/12  6/1/12  11//1/12
                                   1st dose                                   12th dose
SGOT                    35*                          49*             63*                  67*
SGPT                    63*                          78*             89*                  90*
HBsAg     366.44  255.68                                                              176.4*
HBV DNA2.54x10^5                                                                   no detect

Result on week# 16

SGOT  86
SGPT  130
HBsAg  10.49

When HBsAg became zero, then what to do? Is that time to stimulate Anti-HBs?
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wow, i'll link your history to pisa researchers hbsag clearance before 24 weeks is rare, even if you start from very low hbsag the lowering is slow

even if hbsag becomes zero you must keep doing interferon absolutely because hbvdna and hbsag are in the serum while inside the liver it will take little longer to have them to zero

i suggest keep doing interferon until:
hbsag und
hbvdna und
alt less than 19

and check monthly for hbsab titer and wait until it is high, at least higher than 200miu/ml
if there is no hbsab development then you need to make hbv vaccine monthly and wait for response

what is hbsab now?did you check it?it may be already detactable

do look for vit d3 too
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by the way hbsag 10iu/ml is 100% clearance

it was already because hbvdna undetactable by 24 weeks of nterferon is clearance for sure by 5 years, i do think simvastatin boosted interferon response very much but of course other should try this to confirm

once hbsag is cleared, nd i think it will take less than 24 weeks, we can open a new thread with interferon+simvastatin experience for you and for others to follow, i will try this for sure too
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"what is hbsab now?did you check it?it may be already detactable

do look for vit d3 too ."

No, I did not check it. I am in remote place now, will check it in town soon.
I will try to find this.
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hbsab is anti-hbs, they become detactable in some when hbsag gets less than 100iu/ml
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on 13 Feb 2012 I made a check for
anti-Hbs-- negative
HBsAg-- 0.02 iu/mL

Should I wait for sometime to HBsAb to develope or do vaccination?
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yes wait and keep interferon and simvastatin until hbsab>200miu/ml

recheck hbsab at 24 weeks

please repost hbsag and alt results according to week of treatment.which week is hbsag 0.02iu/ml?

results of your interferon+simvastatin are increadible, hbsag clearance by 24 weeks is so rare, we always talk about years for hbsag clearance not weeks
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