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Alinia plus simvastatin

Hi anybody using this combo.  I wonder if there are side effects.  Sim crosses the blood brain barrier and can cause insomnia.  So i take it in the morning then i can sleep at night.  

Does anyone notice side effects from taking both alinia or simvastation.  

I bought alinia from progressiveRX.  Can someone recommend a lab (anywhere in the world)  to test the purity.
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sorry.  i mean does anyone notice side effects from taking both alinia and simvastatin together?
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hey Jeff.. That is a could subject you have brought up.

It will be nice to find a pharmacy that sells good quality meds.. I know in the US it is impossible to test the medication from a third party. Other countries you can..

I have heard of people buying Chinese Baraclude for dirt cheap, and other drugs.. But I am very concerned not be sold something that can poison me. That is the only thing why I did not try Alinia.. It is a very good effective drug against HepB.. I pleaded with my Hepatologist to give it me, he didn't prescribe it. :(  
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alinia genric is sold evenin US at lupin distributors pharmacies but it just boosts intf response, it doesn t work monotherapy
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we can't get it here without a prescription..

I didn;t know that Alinia only worked with interferon..
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Stef recommended alinia plus SIM plus interferon plus Vit a D.  

You can monitor vitamin D but serum calcium and vitamen d level.  IT is just a vitamin.

Interferon is naturally produced by our bodies so unlikely to interact.  

Alinia and SIM both metabolised by the liver.  Good thing alnia does not affect P450.  2/3 of alinia is excreted in bile.

However, we must try to see if these give sife effects.  
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SIM interacts with many drugs.
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