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Another setback in my life :( - i have hep B & D, can anybody explian my result?

My lab results show following thing;

1) HVB-DNA: 5205 IU/mL, 17,749 Copies/mL
2) HDV-RNA: 29790 IU/ml
2) qHBsAG: 271.78 IU/mL (positive)

What does it mean, is it bad? What is the next step. Am i doomed? How long do i have???
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According to my knowledge you would need to start with high doses of interferon as it has potential to work against both hep b and hep d...
Add to it tenofovir which will increase chances of cure.
All is not that bad as your hbsag is low so you'll have chance to clear it...but should start with interferon immediately to delay fibrosis progression.
You should also do fibroscan to see your current level of fibrosis.

If you can get money check with replicor and their clinical trials in Moldova...replicor can easily cure you but it's not on market yet...however it is possible to manufacture it chemically...
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