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Anti-HbsB <2 what does this mean?


What does Anti-HbsB <2 mean?

I had a health check and this came up.

I will go see a doctor ASAP but what is this, how is it transmitted?

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2 IU is detection limit for hbv antibodies. This result means that you don't have any anybodies and you should get vaccinated for hbv.
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Thank you for the reply.

I will go see the doctor ASAP but I am traveling and will need to find out.

How serious is this?
Is it very contagious?
Will raise the levels of LDL and CHOL results in my health report or is it separate?
This wont resolve by itself?

Thats all the questions I have.


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Hello again,
I really need help understanding this result. I wont get to the doctor unti Tuesday because I am traveling.
Please help me understand.
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And another point:

Is anti-HbsB acute Hepatitis or chronic?

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anit-Hbs or HbsAb is the antibody of protection against contracting acute or later chronic hepatitis b.  It is the HbsAg that is the test you need to determine if you are infected with HBV.  Further core, IgG, IgM would determine if it's acute or chronic, but would only take these tests if HbsAg is positive.  

More than likely you either lost or never had antibodies (the anti-hbs) but if you are worried test HbsAg.  If this is negative then you just get the series of vaccines, test for immunity if you have close contact with chronic HBV persons and move on with life.
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Thank you for the response that helps with me understanding. .

On my report it also says

HBsAgB 0.48

I should have mentioned that earlier. How will this change things? I find it difficult to find information on this precise term.

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Sorry to bother everyone again but could someone please explain what my result means for the HBsAgB test. Does mean I dont have it anymore?

Mt test is below:

HBsAgB 0.48

Please help me to understand this.
there should be more comment near this result like "negative" or something
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No theres no comment it just says that number. I am desperately worried now.
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It doesn't specify reactive or no reactive next to the number, as it should?  Call the doctor to get further clarification.  Many times a number is just part of the testing parameters and you need to rely on the reactive (meaning it's positive) or no reactive (negative) for a true reading.
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