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Any advice

Has anyone ever heard of someone being infected with HBV as an adult and having symptoms from +8 weeks post exposure but never testing positive for any HBV marker upto 1 year post exposure? I have tested for all STD’s upto 1 year including HBV (HbsAg, HbsAb, HbcAb Igm and Igg, HbeAg, HbeAb and HBV DNA all negative).

I’ve never felt 100% since this all started. My vaccinated 5 year old has recurrent fevers and loose stools for almost a year. My wife has had things like burning shins, swollen abdomen and feeling tired even after sleeping. She is going to her doctor now to investigate.

I’ve tested negative from 4 weeks after exposure right upto one year. I’ve had small rises in ALT but my symptoms are most similar I feel to hepatitis. Every doctor / expert says I am 100% healthy but I know something isn’t right.

Could I still have HBV based on my symptoms even though all testing has been negative. I am worried that all the doctors are wrong and that I may indeed be a risk to my family despite being told many times I am not.
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U r suffering from some psychiatric phobia to hep b.
First of all how did u confirm u were exposed to hbv. Secondly if u were really exposed ur hbsab and igG would never been negative. Thirdly u r not still safe against hbv as it hbsab is still negative, so immediately get ur wife and urself vaccinated.
Lastly act wisely, don't create unnecessary overreactions, u don't have hbv
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