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Any hope for Hep B cure?

I am a newbie to this stuff. For those who have more knowledge about Hep B, Is there any hope for a COMPLETE cure for Hep B in the near future? either in the US or somewhere else?

Thank you.
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Gilead sciences and many other biotech firms are working over it.
They have found a cure for hep C.The name of the drug is SOLVADI.Let's hope dey find d cure r a functional cure in d recent future.
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No hope
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There is always HOPE.
Very briefly, currently there is no MAGIC BULLET cure in sight, but there are many potential drugs in preclinical and early clinical trials.
The last few years have been a roller coaster ride in the quest for a cure. It started high with REP9AC and GS9620, and reached low with  failures of several drug candidates that showed great promises in animal studies.
However, many scientists now believe a cure, at least a functional cure, is possible in the near future.
The era of using molecules to target the virus seems to be replaced by a new era of using immuno-therapy targeting the host. The slow pace in developing a cure of HBV is being changed by the rapid advances in new immuno-therapies for cancer, such as CART and checkpoint inhibitors.

As always, we should all receive treatment when needed to maintain a healthy liver whilst waiting for a cure.
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Do you think hbv science may use some knowledge/drugs from hiv studies ? As we know hcv cure, Solvadi is a drug which failed for hiv first. Amount of money invested in hiv market is huge if you compare it to the money spend on other diseases.
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I don't know much about drugs for HIV and HCV. I am sure scientists learn from each other, that is why I say drug development in HBV is outpaced by advancement in other areas such as immuno-therapies and technologies such as CRISPER-Cas.
Yes, more money can be spent on HBV research as well as on educating the public about HBV - sometimes the stigma is worst than the disease itself. Many governments got rocks in their collective head, especially China and the Middle Eastern countries.
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