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Any news on TAF's availability in India and in other countries?

Any one has idea about Gilead's new drug TAF availability in rest of the world other than US?
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No till now not available in India but gelead announced taf generic version will available soon in india
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No company has mentioned taf manufacturing in India currently. No data available on internet.
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Hello Vicky what is your fibroscan value now did you get any improve from tenofovir.
I didn't do fibroscan offlate, it was 7.6kpa 10months months ago. I will be doing this month, will post you. I'm doing fine with TDF, no symptoms other than rare fatigue. Hope to get some cure medicine soon.
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Follow this link
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yes in bangladesh from 21th Nov'2017
Here are the news: Tafecta 25mg 3 boxes (90 tablets) price: $120 x 3= $360 USD
Delivery cost: $90 USD (by DHL courier)
Total: $450 USD
DHL will take 5-7 days to deliver. It'll be home delivery. The manufacturer is: Tafecta (25mg Tenofovir Alafenamide) manufactured by Beacon Pharma Ltd.  And the seller is: medicineforworld. This information is received from 14th of November 2017. They ship worldwide.
please mention ...Beacon Pharmaceuticals  ,Bangladesh
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Ya it will come in Indian market by April 18
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Its mentioned in this link as available in Kerala, I will be checking with them on the given contacts in the link.

what is your fibroscan score now
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TAF generic is available in India now. Its launched by Mylan as HepBest, it costs around Rs1500. Please contact Mylan representatives if any one need TAF in india.
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Taf is just the same as tenofovir, with a different way of action, it gets absorbed slowly, so one could minimise the dose relative to tenofovir to spare the kidneys and bones. Nothing to be highly optimistic about these so far useless antiviral drugs.
Instead of targetting the culprit of hbv viral persistence, the cccDNA, the researchers are just focussing on something irrelevant. May be their aim is not to find a cure but to only keep us poor chronic hbvers on their antivirals for ever. I can't really understand it when they know the cccDNA being the main culprit, yet not targetting it directly. The situation is highly disappointing, the researchers and drug companies only care for their profits nothing more.
Why is it so difficult to target the cccDNA, is it the delivery of drugs to the nucleus of the hepatocytes where this culprit sits or something else, I really don't understand, and I'm very disappointed.
I'm currently on entecavir for few weeks; no improvement in how I feel yet, but no bothersome sides either, which I was warned about by my doctor.
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i have been suffering from HBV +  & Treatment with Enticavir & later Tennofovir for 6 years . Now i am HBV _ (negative ). Thanks God. Thanks my doctor & his treatment. Pray for me my all friends.

Is your hbsag is negative now and have you developed hbsab
yes after 6 years taking Enticavir & later Tenofovir
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In Bangladesh
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