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Anybody know the future of REP 9AC on HBV treatment result recently?

Heard that REP 9AC is a new drug for HBV and it can remove HBsAG at a high ratio. Pls check whether there is new information.
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I only know from www.replicor.com. I pray that they succeed in producing this medicine. The will give hope to millions of people.  On this site they said they successfully brought HBsAg negative to six people.
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There won't be any progress in at least several years for Replicor97, the Replicor CEO said.
It is far from being available.
However you can try Alinia, maybe another hope. Just ask Stefano.
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REP 9AC hope it will succeed and will be available soon at a cheap price., Lets hope and pray... about alinia is it available in the Philippines?
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There won't be any progress in at least several years for Replicor97, the Replicor CEO said

damn it looks like they only work on drugs that dont cure, damn drug makers i read they are still developping useless uncs

let's hope soem researcher finds the right combo and timing among entecavir, tenofovir, interferon, nitazoxanide and simvastatin, to me it looks that drug makers are working to make resistance and gain new clients only

the other hope is myracludex b but they should have started by 2008....
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Thank you all. I am clear on the REP 9AC. Damn, why no people keep researching on this since so many people are anxiously hoping this drug!!

Here is a summery for the latest therapy. Hope you all like it:


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It is because the drug makers want to earn more money from the useless nucls, which can only decrease the viral productions in our serum and leave the real virus in our liver alive. Then all patients have to buy their expensive but limit-effective drugs constantly and permanently to try to control the development of the disease.
If you are the boss, say for example, of one drug maker, and you have developed a very effective drug, which can clear HBV completely in a very short period, what would you do?
To make the most profit, you would probably reduce the performance of the drug and make it to be a long-term therapy. Until the emergence of another effective drug. Then you will be pushed to increase the performance of the current drug.
That is the reality. How pathetic we HBVers are.
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