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Anyone taking Baraclude(Entecavir) to treat Hep B?


Just need some info. Did you take prior drugs like epivir and develop resistant, how long have you been on Baraclude, any resistant develope?

How did your doctor go about transition to new and different drug?

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hey, love your handle! anyway, just wanted to mention that no one is ignoring you, it just somehow ended up that most of us are struggling with Hep C and not B, although there are a few with hep b...hopefully one of them will give you some input...
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Thanks, I know.
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Hi.  I was diagnosed with cronic Hep B a couple of years ago.  My doctor started me on epivir and unfortunatly I had a very bad reation to it.  I couldn't continue it.  So... I'm now on absolutly nothing for the Hep and haven't been in over a year.  I can't be much help in answering your questions but wanted to let you know that there are others of us here with Hep B.  I just signed up to this forum today.

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May I ask, are your blood work normal before you took epivir and how about now?

What is your current lifestyle?

I had it since I was borned so I don't have antibody. Maybe you will develope antibody someday.

I am waiting to see if Therapeutic hep B vaccine can force antibody out of me, the technology uses CORE antigen instead of SURFACE antigen (see hepb.org). Also, waiting for antiviral (Tenofovir?)that doesn't cause mutant virus.

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Yes I have. I have slight reaction with epivir, but it was because it wasn't able to reduce my viral load, I change to Baraclude.

So far no reaction and working great, but I have not been able to get seroconversion, nor make the viral load un-detactable. It is really a patient to patient scenario.

Recent studies shows Baraclude is one of the most effective med for Hep B.

The only negative for Baraclude is the cost is high. It is really expensive if you don't have insurance, or have very high deductible.

Hope this helps.
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I'm on Baraclude 0.5 mg for six months now, and my last test result shows I've developed antibody and the hep be antigen is negative.  I was taking Hepsera previously.  After much consideration, my doctor decided to put me on Baraclude.  I'm glad I took Baraclude, becaseu I might have the chance to stop taking medication.
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I am in similar situation as lchow. When I first found out that I had Hep-B, they gave me Hepsera. After a year, it stopped working. My viral count has gone back up. Then my doctor put me on Baraclude and it has been great. I have been taking this medication more about 2 years now. It's 1 mg. My last two blood tests have shown undetectable level of the virus. I have never had any side-effects. But the bad thing about these pills is they are so expensive, about $800 for 30 pills.
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