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Anyone taking tenofovir without problem in kidney?

Hello guys
Im 25 years old
And almost 10 months taking tenofovir.
Im worried to my kidney now.
Theres anyone taking tenofovir also without any problem in kidney?
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Here the advise from my doctor regarding this topic -  continue with the current medication Viread (tenofovir), monitoring laboratory tests every 6 months including creatinine, if the creatinine were to persistently increased by 0.2 or greater we can change to  Vemlidy, TAF. Did you have kidney problem before starting Tenofovir?  No worries as this will not resolved any problem... And everybody is different. We'll all react to this medication differently. If you read the old posts, they are several people who have been on Tenofovir for years... Just follow your doctor advise and keep monitoring your labs.
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Hello brohim.
My kidney is normal before i take tenofovir.
But im worried because since january im notice my urine is foamy.
Until now =(
Hi Sumiya  - Please stop stressing over foamy urine. As long as your lab results are good.. you do not need to worry about foamy urine. It could be the food you're eating .  Just make sure you're well hydrated .
The best way to protect your kidneys is to drink alot of water. Make sure you drink alot of water so your pee is almost always clear. It will help your kidneys.
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