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Arrowhead-One HBeAg-neg patient serocleared HBsAg in Clinical Trail?

1) On Apr 11, 2018 at 7:00 AM EDT Arrowhead pharma announced in their Clinical Data Results One HBeAg-negative patient serocleared HBsAg post ARC-520 (In the study, 8 chronic hepatitis patients (5 HBeAg-negative, 3 HBeAg-positive)


2) other side on March 14, 2018 ---Spring Bank Announces an impressive results on thier Combined Inarigivir 25 mg and 50 mg 12 and 24 Week clicnical trails.


i hope we can get back our happiness & be like normal people if cure is near by .
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Though it is a good news but the cure is not near. It is still to take more than a decade or longer. None of the trials are highly effective and the drugs  seroconverting rates are 10-20% and that can't be said as cure. Things are not going to reach market sooner that's for very sure.
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yeah , its definately a good news .( Out of 5 HBeAG -neg patients 1 patient cleared HBsAG ) imagine if clincial trail participants are 100 then there are chances of 20 patients clearing HBsAG ...thats a very good ratio i believe.
infact good news... good thing is that drag manufacturers have directed their research towards hep b and i think within 5-7 years we will have a functional cure ....be positive and keep the hopes up :)
I am seeing this 5-7yrs from past 10years
Ha Ha those 5-7 years are now closer than those past 10 years if all goes well brother ....i know it will take time may be 10 years but it will come definitely ..
How unlucky we r that we even don't know and this damn disease caught us from where and ruined our lives. All the time I am under scare that someone don't find my hbv status. Damn life and discrimination in society and medical world.
Yes, the stigma associated with diseases like hepatitis B and hiv aids is so strong that it causes extra burden to those who suffer from these illnesses; most of the stigma arises from ignorance in the wider society, and even in the health sector in case of hepB. It is also so sad to know that most of us who are chronically ill with hepB got it when we were born, not our fault at all; if we got it during adulthood we would have cleared the virus ourselves as more than 90% of adults do. But let's try not to be so much preoccupied with these issues, as they would make matters worse with stress, anxiety and depression. Let's instead try to live normal lives as much as we can.
Ya right liverpatient. We have to live without taking stress and adjust the scene as it won't change. It only becomes sad when people start reacting vaguely.
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