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Autoimmune disorder after taking TDF for 7 years and want to try LDN

Happy New Year everyone and hoping a good and hep B free year for all of us in the new year.

After taking 7 years of TDF without any problems, I started having anxiety, acid reflux, heart palpitation problems. I had these problems on and off for a year and finally decided to go to a functional medicine doctor to see what's wrong with my body. After getting some lab done, we found out my immune system attacking my thyroid by producing TPO antibodies. They call it hashimoto's thyroiditis. I don't know how i get this but looked at one of the side effects of Tenofovir and autoimmune disorder is one of those. So I am suspecting either Tenofovir or Hep B.
My Heb B virus is controlled with no detectable DNA and normal ALT, AST. The problem with Hashimoto is that if the immune system keeps attacking your thyroid, it will destroy your thyroid at some point and you will end up taking medicine for it for life. So I did a lot of research about this and it seems that by changing your diet to AIP ( Autoimmune Paleo) and taking a safe drug called LDN (Low dose Naltraxon) you might be able to get into remission and lower the antibodies against your thyroid. Looks like LDN is used by many patients with autoimmune disorders and some say it saved their life. But it wold be different from person to person and you need to try it to find out. For more info about this drug, if you search google, you can find many info about it.
This is a short description of how LDN works:
From Dr. David Gluck, MD: "LDN is absolutely unique. And that's part of its problem, in
that it's a brand new paradigm, a new way of thinking of treatment. Instead of the
medication actually doing the work, LDN goes into the body and essentially tricks the
body by forcing it to double and triple its output of endorphins and metenkephalin,
also known as opioid growth factor (OGF). Those endorphins and metenkephalin, in
turn, cause the immune system to [balance itself]. A nice way to think about LDN is
that it is not like any other medication whatsoever. It is a way to strengthen (in the
sense of regulate/modulate/normalize) the immune system."

Now my question would be:

1) has anyone who is uderr TDF treatment used LDN?

2) What do you guys think about the effect of using LDN on my current Hep B situation? Is it possible to make it resistant to TDF? Or any thing that I might miss.

I have not seen Studyforhope and Stef here for long time. I would appreciate your comments on this too.

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I found this article about auto immune disorder I wonder if it may help a little?

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I have taken viread over a decade, now stopped, and lost a patch of hair, size of a dime,  on top of my head, went see dr. and was told it is my own immune system attacking my hair, luckily it was mild and my hair came back
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