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Based on these test results, do I or do I "not" have Chronic Hepatitis 'B'?

For years I've had complications\symptoms that led to the potential for some sort of liver disease. It all started in the mid-1990's where I contracted some sort of infection while overseas that caused the growth of a small lump on the underside of my tongue that was flesh colored like my tongue with a white crown and somewhat pointy in shape. The lump eventually broke open, bleed a bit, and then seemingly resolved itself (or so I thought). Since then, for years I get smaller variants of these lumps in the soft fleshy areas of my mouth that come and go fairly quickly. An ENT doctor once told me this was caused by stress. About this same time, I came down with a case of Bells Palsey and was diagnosed with Hypertension for the first time in my life, all at the age of 26.

Fast forward a few years and I came down with a case of Pleurisy. Thought I was passing some sort of stone, but it was whatever the infection was that causes Pleurisy.

Another year or two passes and I'm starting to feel abdominal pain in the area around my gall bladder. A Hida Scan test indicated my Gall Bladder not functioning. Lap Choly procedure performed to remove the gall bladder. Surgeon indicates presence of very fine stones in the Gall Bladder, but no definitive reason why the Gall Bladder failed. Within a year of this procedure, started have recurring discomfort on right side of my abdomen.

Years pass and I start developing itching problems. Upper torso of body feeling a prickly\itchy feeling, and arm pits become red, irritated, and and feel like a burning\itchy sensation. Symptoms worst in the afternoons\evening. GI doctor I was seeing at the time runs various liver related tests and indicates presence of Hepatitis, and occasional elevated liver enzymes, but not much more.

Fast forward to the last few years, and symptoms have worsened. Liver Biopsy about 3 years ago indicates some inflammation, my no specific diagnosis. Liver Biopsy repeated last year, diagnosis is now NALF (Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease). Abdominal pain still there. Itching\Burning still occurs.

Recent test results in last 6 months shown below. Wondering about the presence of Chronic Hepatitis as over the years, I've had multiple doctors order Hepatitis tests and seemingly interpreting the results differently. Searching for what is the potential cause of my liver issues, and wondering if the interpretation of my test results by the health care professionals I've seen is accurate.

Other difficulties I face:
- Some sort of rash on large portions of my body that Dermatologists are calling "Folliculitis"
- Vitilago on my feet and calves (brown patches caused by broken blood capillaries)

Very grateful to anyone who takes the time to read all of this and offer some meaningful feedback.

Mr. C
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You may have a different form of Hepatitis other then Hepatitis B. According to the results you posted, no Hepatitis B and you have antibodies for it thus giving you immunity. Check yourself for Hepatitis C and A
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