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Blood Test

Hi folks,

What items are import in the blood test indicating the present development of Entecavir therapy.  Thanks

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not sure why she still needs to have a blood work done every week but one thing is needed for sure is for her to lower her ALT since it is almst 16 times higher than normal limit so thats something that needs to be followed...

Entecavir  should help lower her ALT

good luck
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She has been under Entecavir treatment for more than one month.  Her last test report before treatment started as follows;

HBV DNA  2.1 x 8log copies/ml
HBsAg positive
HBeAg positive

ALT level 690 U/L

Because of the elevated ALT level she can't take Pegasys injection.  She has been admitted to hospital for 3 days on early Sept. 2009.

Her next visit to hospital was originally scheduled on Nov. 13, 2009.  She takes blood test as per following arrangement;

- 2 consecutive weeks
- stop 1 week
- 2 consecutive weeks
- stop 1 week

She faxed a suspected "side effect report" to her doctor about 2 weeks ago.  Unfortunately I can't attach the said report here.  Its brief is as follows;

Frequently coughing at night time or while speaking.  (Remark: Coughing started before Entecavir treatment)

Thick bronchial secretions - sputum

Stomach disorder:- Heartburn (13 hours after taking Entecavir).  Occasionally, at about 4-5a.m. suppressed by drinking water or eating food

Stomach disorder:- burping, very often.  Burping with air occurred after taking meal.  Feeling trace of acid, but not coming up to mouth.

Skin Rashes - Slightly at the bottom of both eye lids

Fatigue (tired) - Particularly in the first two weeks after Entecavir treatment started

Vague sense of Fullness - In the upper left quadrant (upper abdominal)
Upper abdominal pain.  45 mins after taking Entecavir, feel mild sharp pain on the left upper abdominal.  It lasts for half an hour approximately.

Frequent urination :
Frequent attempts to urinate with only reduced urine output (i.e. small amount of urine).

About mid Feb., 2009 patient has been suffering urethritis and was under medical treatment for 3 weeks.   Afterwards she continued taking Chinese herbal for another 4 weeks.  

Urinary frequency and urgency

Upon receipt of the fax report her doctor requested her visiting hospital on Oct. 30, 2009 (Not on Nov. 13, 2009)
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Why weekly tests ? Since she is visiting doctor, she needs to discuss potential side effects of the medicine and how to monitor for them.

Also please post her HBeAg, HBeAb, DNA count and anyother information that led the doctor to prescribe medication.

Going on meds is most likely a very-very-very long term commitment (years).
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Thanks for your advice.

My sister is now under Entecavir treatment.  She will visit hospital on Oct. 30, 2009 to have medical consultation.  

She is now taking blood test weekly.  I'm sure the said test including biochemistry test on ALT level.  What other items on biochemistry she has to ask her doctor other than ALT level.  

I'm not sure whether HBV DNA count has been included in the weekly blood test.  Thanks

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Do you mean, you are using Entecavir and want to see how effective it is ?

If so : get DNA count (viral load), HBeAg, HBeAb (minimum). You may want to monitor for tests that help identify any side effects with medication as well.
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