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CHB food supplements

Dear all,

Please advice how to choose right dietary supplements,
I am hbsag 1900, DNA und, HBe Ab was pos but now neg.
I did blood test on vitamins and minerals and discovered:
B1, B3,  B6, co Q10 , beta carotene, Se, Zn, Si, gluthation (reduced), gluthation peroxidasa. -- too LOW
D, E -  LOW
Cd, Pb - too HIGH
Is it normal for CHB?

Shall I take all elements that are low as food supplements? Or maybe all of them together would be too much? Are there pills on the market containing all elements needed for HBV patients?
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yes it is normal and it is thought this leads to oxidative stress and liver firbosis

there is a post somewhere about vitamins, minerals and antioxidants on hbv and hcv.i remember glutathione, vit d and B vitamins all low on hbv

if you can afford heptech is the best set of supplements for hbvers, or you can buy puritans or solgar single vitamins

as regards glutathione it cannot be asorbed by stomach so the best route is liposomal or injections.liveon labs makes liposomal glutathioen which is very good and age blocker which has serveral vitamins/antioxidants in liposomal formulation

check and choose what's best for you according to ingredients, doses and cost
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forgot also zinc and selenium are a must too for hbvers and usually low, vit d is the one found lowest but wht makes more damage is probably low glutathione

i also suggest to check oxidative stress before and after taking the supplemnts so you can follow improvments without checking all single elements
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Thank you very much for so quick reply.
I did also oxidative stress test.
Gluthation peroxidase 4012 u/l, TOO LOW
POL (lipids peroxidation)  2.65 micromol/L, LOW
TAS (total antiox status) 1.46 mmol/L,
Free fatty acids 0.76 mg-eq/L, HIGH
8-oh-deoxyguanosine 0.17 нг/mL
Gluthatione 461 micromol/L, TOO LOW
Q10 0.36 mg/L, TOO LOW
malondialdehyde 0.41 nmol/L, TOO LOW

Also what worries me is that neutrofils count is decreasing gradually now it is already out of range - 34%, does it mean anything?

And also a question about hbeAg please,
A year ago I was DNA neg, hbeag neg and hbeab neg;
then I started testing every 3 month and  
DNA  was 18000, 10000, 200, neg now  
hbsAg is always around 2000 copies.

As for hbeab I tested it only once 3 month ago and It showed positive, but now it is neg again.

I did not take any hbv drugs, just was at the sun almost all summer and took vit E june and august and ursofalk (Ursodeoxycholic acid) daily for three month.  I am infected for at least 10 years.

Why hbeab came up and down? Or is it always negative if DNA is neg? Do I have HBE negative HBV or I had hbeag seroconvertion?

Thank you and have a great time of the day!
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Hey if your hbsag is correctly 2000 iu/ml , you could be a good candidate for interferon to clear hbsag.

Considering that you are in russia , how did you miss the mycludex clinial trials in russia
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2000 is copies in iU it should be around 400?
As for the trials, I thought that since I am more or less ok now (fibroscan is good and the viral load os not too high) I had better wait until they get approval rather then test it on myself .... Who knows maybe the trials uncover some side effects...
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What is the word on the approval? If I understand correctly they are doing phase 1 and 2  simultaneously which means next year it may be available.  
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What are the doses of these vitamins we need to take daily? because I had severe oxydative stress till recently till I tried what you have suggested.

Vitamin D I take 8000iu daily and I have way more energy levels, and my chest pains do to exertion have stopped. No need for aspirin anymore.
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I will see my doctor next week here in Moscow, and will ask about the trials, if she tells something worthwhile I will post it here.
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Hi Stef!
Where do you get heptech from in Italy?
I asked my friend in the US to get it, but they sell only through doctors mafia.

This is from their web.

May I purchase the products directly?

No, HepTech is a Medical Food and must be administered by a physician. To find a physician provider in your area please use the Google Map Physician finder (click) on our home page, or call our toll free number for assistance in finding a participating physician.
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I was at two doctors this week hepatologist and dietologist and both said that if my alt is in range and no fibrosis then I do not need to take any extra vitamins especially in so high quantities as they are in heptech products. The lack of vitamins in my blood can easily be corrected by change of diet. Taking too much vitamins may lead to intoxication and cancer ....
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Taking too much vitamins may lead to intoxication and cancer ....

this is only for chemical vitamins not vitamins from food

The lack of vitamins in my blood can easily be corrected by change of diet.
true, you can also check vitamins and oxidative stress by blood tests and just correct the needed ones, this is the correct approch and never use chemical vitamins which are of course the most common ones in pharmacies.the best brands of natural vitamins, the ones extracted from food, are solgar and longlife

I was at two doctors this week hepatologist and dietologist and both said that if my alt is in range and no fibrosis then I do not need to take any extra vitamins

thisi s true but hbv makes many changes in our liver so best thing is to check vitamins and take the ones needed only or change diet and see if you can get them corrected.heptech is for cirrhosis and severe fibrosis mainly and vitamins are in doses for those situations plus being food extracted our own body can manage and take what is nneded and descharge the extra.it is only chemical vitamins to be different and less manageable from our bodies and some liposoluble vitamins

i got into heptech program very early so it was easier for me to get into it, plus being monitored by one of the best int'l research centers in the world made this very very easy.
are you in russia?i guess the main problem can be russia customs more than find a hepatologist there, anyway with normal fibroscan and normal alt you dont need all heptech products, generally B, vitamins, vit d, selenuium, zinc and glutathione are those missing in hbv carriers
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Thank you Stef for the comments.
In fact I have ordered livOn labs AntiAge and GSH, will try to take it for a month or two and will check the blood afterwards.
As for HepTech, they have consumer brand
that is basicly the same thing and is sold without perscribtion.
You are right it is not possible to get these supplements in Russia due to customs. If you can reffer me to a good hepatologist here please let me know.
Have a nice day!
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What are the recommended doses  for vitamin b; zinc; selenium and  glutathion?

They dont check here in states for all this. Nobody even talks about it. I mean HBV treatment is so behind that I think we are on par with Phillipines and pakistan in terms of care and doctors understanding of HBV - or they just dont care because the technology is there.

So yes we are lucky to have you as a member you help people come out from the dark. Higher doses of vitamin d 3 have resolved my scary chest pains from exertion so i dont need anymore aspirin that i used for  the past 4 years.

If I could only figure out why I have elevated blood pressure? Maybe it is just stress. Or maybe I have hidden forms of diabetes 2. I am failing 2 hour glucose tolerance test. And I am overweight and even though I exercise I still cannot loose weight. It all the GMO they put here in the foods and animal hormones that does it. And in my younger years I used to eat all this and drink lots of soda without thinking. So maybe my endocrine system is all messed up. Almost everybody is fat here which is an epidemic.

Maybe I do need to go to nutritionalist  too have them check why I cannot loose weight.
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Please advice what is going on

My tests are

2012-01 10000/1880/33
2012-05 190/2200/27
2012-09 UND/1880/21
2012-10 UND/1850/48

HbeAg neg
antiHbe neg

I do not take no NUC no INTF

In September I
1) stopped alcohol at all (used to drink 2 glaces of wine a day all summer)
2) Increased exercising now I do 1 hour of sports 6 days a week.
3) Started taking Vit D 600IU daily, E 600 IU, Milk Thistle.

Now I also added Blueberry extract and Glutathion by LivOn Labs.

I wonder why ALT is elevated? Is it the immune system that started to work and is it good or bad?

If it is good do I need to continue with Glutathion and the other suplements? Glutathion is good for cell membrans but do I need to reinforce them at the moment, maybe it is better to leave them week so infected cells could be easier eliminated by the immune system.
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You have to add interferon with these numbers to clear. you are doing good.  Maybe spring time do interferon - winter time because of flue season it is risky to do.
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Thank you for your thoughts,
You are aways very kind!
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Stef please, could you comment, why ALT got elevated with he vitamins?
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they just go up and down by themselves or vitamins actually improved hbv detection  and immune clearance of infected cells
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Thank you Stef for your comments.
Good health to everybody!
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I'm taking flaxseeds-"A drug capable of reducing liver inflammation, improving the cholesterol ratio, reducing blood sugar levels, easing constipation and fighting obesity would be prescribed to most people at risk for a fatty liver and many with chronic liver disease. Much safer and less expensive than a drug, flaxseed accomplishes all of these tasks naturally. Based on the properties of its lignans, fiber and ALA content, flaxseed makes an ideal addition to diets prioritizing liver health.
Next I want to try flax seed oil.
Also I'm taking chia seeds - http://www.veria.com/healing/the-many-benefits-of-chia-seeds read this one veteranb, it may help you with weight loss.
Have you heard about those two?

I'm also taking Milk Thistle 250 mg 3 times a day and bee pollen in the morning.
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I was drinking flax oil in the morning for about two months. No effect on cholesterol at all, and on the weight too. I also have flakes in gallbladder that was not effected at all.
I stopped flax oil, and took ursofalk and vit E for three month also added exercises, 6 hours a week now. That gave decrease in cholesterol and loss of a few kilo.  
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Thanks, good to know, no point in wasting my money then. What type of exercise are you doing? Moderate?
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Now i Swim around 2500m =60 min 3 times a week, tennis 60 min 3 times a week.
Before I swam only  3 times a week 1700 m = 45 min and no tennis.
I also stopped alcohol completely.

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Hi Stef!

Thanks for your comments re Vit D3 in the other post.

I also take glutathion and vit c and vit b (antiage) from livon lab.   How long do you think I should take them? Is it the that same as Vit d3 -- nonstop forever?
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Just got 25-oh test for Vit D3.
Now it is 30 but it was 32 a month ago.
I was taking 2000 iU daily, so you were right that it is too low.
I was also taking livon labs GSH, C, B
HbsAg decreased from 2100 to 1660,
Maybe by accident....
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HbsAg decreased from 2100 to 1660,

lucky you this is damn good, remember that intf starts working to clear hbsag at around 1000-3000iu/ml so you are already in the range for good resuts, i dont remember your details and therapy but if you are off therapy i d consider intf and alinia if hbsag goes a little lower

livon labs products can be taken forever or stop it when you think you are ok, the main effect should be on fibrosis reversal and lipids/fats balance

as to vit d3 go for 10.000iu daily and recheck calcium and d in 4-5weeks that will give you an idea of the vit d rise in blood (it is very low even at higher dose), when 60-90ng/ml is reached you can try lower to 5000iu or 2000iu and see if blood levels stay steady
remember that levels with immune boost, flu and cancer prevention are in the high end of normal which is around 80-100ng/ml
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Well you see guys this is something Dr. Nikitin in Ukraine was writing about in 1990's that they were stabilizing HBV and HCV infected with no use of heavy drugs by leveling out the immune system with vitamins. Combine that with interferon and you never need these toxic antivirals that were developed for HIV.

Alinia yes no one looks into at all.

The big drug companies totally took HBV treatment in the wrong direction, and made it more complicated then it is. You realize that being a sicko patient walking this road of misery while they and eugenics insurance companies make money on us. Cold chilling hard truth of how messed up things in medicine really are.

Now with the evolution of Internet it is very hard for them to hide the truth, thanks to forums like this. And so we may see a cure released finally.

p.s. I agree that Rome could go on interferon with hopes to clear HBV..  
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Hi Veteran!

And merry Christmas to all!

What are the odds  I get cleared with int? 30-50% maybe. I do not have fibrosis by fibroscan.
I keep the fingers cross my liver to stay like that for a few years until replicor or myrcludex arrives...

Probably better strategy...
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